Greece is and must remain the guardian of great principles and values

"We Greeks need to know that what we have achieved in history is united, the disagreement and division were something that cost us a lot and we even paid it with pieces from our national body," said Mr. Pavlopoulos, hastily to clarify that "for God I do not imply that in a real democracy like today, I imply that there must be unanimity with every decision.

I never thought that. Moreover, I do not have the right to imply that democratic political forces must undergo points of their ideology, of the individual differences they can and must have. Moreover, it is well known that history is written by the dialectical synthesis of different views on individual issues, "he said to add:" We Greeks know that in the great moments of public interest and especially in our national affairs we must always be united to be … "

The President of the Republic referred to the e-mails sent by Thermopylae around the world and says: "We are used to talking about the epic of Thermopylae for the epic of Leonidas 300. Yes, that was the heart was the core But here was a struggle that left its mark on the history of mankind, but also in the history of civilization, "he said.

Speaking of the Greek heritage, he stressed that "we often do not realize what the heritage of our ancestors means.What does this heritage mean not only for us, the Greeks, but also for Europe and all of humanity," said the president of the Republic, speaking on the Thermopylae monument to the statue of Leonidas, while in particular mentioning how they realized its importance Battle of the Thermopylae great people of the spirit in the international community say: "They have long understood what I am doing today want to explain and have even understood it at a very high level. " Prokopis Pavlopoulos made a series of references to international status, characteristic of the immense importance that foreign historians have given to the battle of Thermopylae.

"If I am here today, I want to mark a beginning," stressed Prokopis Pavlopoulos, stressing that "this place must be honored forever, not only for what we learn, but also for what inspires us for the future. only as descendants of great ancestors, but we are here to pay our own debt to our people in our nation in our European family in the international community, "he noted.

With particular reference to geopolitics and the position of the country, it made sense that "the time has come, with what is happening around us, and especially in the Middle East, and we must realize that the Greeks are in a state of affairs. geopolitical position in the position marked by the Greek Hell Wars, that is, the extreme border of the West to the East, "he said, emphasizing that our country" might be that country with all the problems of stability and democracy, which once again shows that it is and remains the guardian of great principles and values ​​for people and culture, above all freedom and democracy. & # 39;

Before the battle at Thermopylae

Referring to the historical references to the message from Thermopylae and Leonidas & Mole Lavé, he emphasized that "here at Thermopylae, Xerxes collected that historical expression that is symbolic not only for us Greeks, but for all free people through timelessness through the This famous "bully" is the answer of every free man of every free people to every conqueror ", as the president of the republic remarked and characterized the relationship of the Greeks with freedom as" existential ".

Mr. Pavlopoulos refers in particular to the historical elements of the Battle of Thermopylae and the climate under which he evolved and identified the value of unity in the troublesome, and said that "we Greeks are ready to defend freedom, democracy." We are ready to defend institutions, we are ready for a new revival, the sovereignty of the economy on the institutional.

The events, beginning with the 2498 years since the Battle of Thermopylae in the eponymous layers in Fthiotida, began with the President of the Republic, scheduled to last until September 30, while shortly before their official launch in the historic area archery competitions were held in which athletes participated of the force group as well as other athletes with global and European awards.

The president of the Republic gave the medals to the athletes while he was present at the events for the Leonidas monument in Thermopylae and the secretary of the KKE, Mr Dimitris Koutsoumbas, as well as the Minister of Culture and Sport Ms Lydia Koniordou.

Mayor of Lamia, Nikos Stavroyiannis, asked the Patriarchate to host under the auspices of the 2020 events, where 2500 years after the Battle of Thermopylae will be celebrated with grandeur. Finally, former minister Thanassis identified Giannopoulos, who was the man who inspired the events in Thermopylae 8 years ago, in his brief salute, the highly unifying nature of the Battle of Thermopylae at world level.

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