"Greece remains dependent on billions in Brussels" – Newsbeast

"To ensure that the sacrifices are really worthwhile, Greece needs constant help", writes the German newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung today, commenting on the completion of the Greek support program.

"Without cutting, the country does not have the long-term opportunity to get up, the state must be able to invest, Greek citizens need a prospect, they should discern that sacrifices are not only beneficial to foreign creditors, Greece is free again, but it remains depending on the billions of Brussels, "the report said.

Something goes moving in Athens, the correspondent of the first German public broadcaster ARD network responds. He acknowledges that "August 20 can not be a big holiday", because even after leaving the program "hard and dry times" the majority of Greeks wait.

However, as the Athenian news agency broadcasts, referring to Deutsche Welle, the correspondent refers to the optimists & # 39; who rightly say that much has been done in the country. Many more taxes are paid and they are collected with stricter controls. There is a slight economic growth. And the population has proven for years that, despite the hard cuts and the constant tax increases, it is willing to tighten the teeth. […] Even investors went to the country. And they do not all complain about torturing bureaucracy and difficulties. On the contrary, they are happy that their business risk is rewarded. "


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