Greece should not make the same mistakes, says Dacielblum Greek economy

The former president of the Eurogroup, Gerron Dasselblum, seemed optimistic about the future of Greece and the course of the Greek economy, but noted that it took time to fully restore confidence in our country and to overcome the major problems of the citizens. .

Daiselblum said on ANT1: "Greece now has the flexibility to pursue a more social policy, but emphasizes that it should not repeat the mistakes of the past in the future."

The former president of the Eurogroup admitted that mistakes were made in the management of the economic crisis, and also by Europeans who – as he explained – initially improvised and needed four years to stand up and mechanisms against the crisis in to set.

In particular with regard to Greece, Mr. Dasselblum emphasized that another policy had to be implemented, since the programs were very strict and their implementation was extremely difficult. According to him, there were serious political responsibilities and many Greek politicians attacked the crisis.

At the same time, he accuses the Germans of delaying the necessity of accepting collective European action by implementing rescue programs in the high-risk countries, pointing out the fact that it is not good to take decisions in Brussels. outside the national parliaments, the crisis was enormous and needed immediate treatment.

Referring to the background of the crucial negotiations with the Greek government in the first half of 2015, the Dutch politician described destructively the management of Yannis Varoufakis.

He even commented that he had direct contacts with Mr Alexis Tsipras right from the first Eurogroup at the beginning of February and that no agreement could be reached.

In essence, he said that the whole deal was with the Greek Prime Minister himself, because a solution had to be found that stole the former Minister of Finance.

Finally, Mr Daiselblum, referring to the Schweiz proposal for a temporary exit from Greece of the euro, said that it remains unknown whether it was serious or that it was done to put pressure on our country, but added allow the German ex-minister of finance when submitting a proposal, it means it.

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