Greek schools in Egypt are likely to be locked up

  Greek schools in Egypt

The Egyptian life-threatening issue of the operation of Greek schools and the need to extend secondment to existing professors in Cairo and Alexandria were also raised by Archbishop Sinai, Pharan and Raithus Damianos in a letter to the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, Kostas Gavroglou

Archbishop of Sinai, who according to Egyptian law also the official inter he stressed the major problem that was created for the proper functioning of the schools in Nile, of the fact that only a few were the professors who expressed their interest this year to come from the new school for years in the service of the Greek schools of Egypt

In his letter to Mr. Gavroglou stressed to Archbishop Damianos the importance of the functioning of the abbey school, which covers the needs of secondary education in Cairo. And she asks the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education to agree with the suggestions of North Africa and the Middle East coordinator for education, Marietta Koumarianou, for direct sending new teachers to meet the needs of schools , also pleading that "they are placed in an organic position in Greece, so that they can at least continue their educational work until they can be found in the near future, and hopefully,"

and Archbishop Sinah Damianos, as the head of the historic Cairo Abbey School, concludes with the letter to Mr. Gavroglou, who he also communicates with the Deputy Minister of Education, Ms Meropi Tzoufi: "We especially notice the need, your decision to continue the posting of already dismissed teachers should, if possible, be published immediately before 30 August, in order to know whether they should be presented in their organic functions on 1 September. "


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