He did not regret the act of the patrician

Those found in the courts of Heraklion during the transfer of the 48-year-old patricide remained impenetrable.

Asked by reporters whether he has converted because of his horrendous act, he replied that "NO"

The actor took the time to apologize on the following Monday morning.

His prosecutor has been prosecuted for deliberate murder.

And yesterday, when he was being held on the Heraklion peninsula, the patrician did not seem to have regretted his actions.

The time of the killer

After his arrest for hitting his father on Thursday afternoon, the actor returned to his parents this time to retaliate.

His father had filed a lawsuit against him and was arrested in the context of his life.

According to the information, the 48-year-old would have a boyfriend's cap.

He waited outside his father's house, he hit the bell, and the father did not open the door, and when the victim went out, he ran to the kitchen, grabbed a 28-inch knife, and put it down.

According to the forensic investigation, the victim received four knives in the chest and abdomen.

Police officers took blood from the perpetrator for an analysis to see if they were under the influence of narcotics.

only child

The 48-year-old was a single boy. Neighbors talk about the old man with the best words.

He lost his wife a few years ago and tried to get his son up again.

According to information, the 48-year-old was a drug addict.

He constantly asked for money and creating quarrels. No one in Kaminia could have suspected that he would commit the crime.

The case reminds many of the drug addict, who was released and a few hours later killed her neighbor.

The incident took place in November last year, when the victim made a remark in his neighborhood, which was probably under the influence of narcotics in a state of emergency.

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