Hiker saw his 31-year-old mate die in the gorge of Crete

The 31-year-old from Heraklion visited the abbey of Heraklion in the Acharnes Asterousia, near the village of Paramympi, for walking, but at a certain point it was hitherto seriously wounded for unknown reasons. A 31-year-old companion warned the authorities, who held a late search and rescue operation involving rescue workers, firefighters and the trekking segment of the 3rd EMAK.

As the hours passed, the condition of the woman became worse. Information says that she has lost her life, something that, however, is not confirmed on the part of firefighting before it has been examined by a doctor. When the rescue workers were found next to the 31-year-old, they informed about her serious injury. Because of the annoying and reversed slopes of the walls of the gorge, the helicopter tried to take the 31-year-old twice, but this was not possible and left.

At this time, because of the inaccessibility and height of the gap, the rescuers make superhuman efforts to transport the injured woman on foot, because, as stated in the REA-MPE, they have to take both the slope of the route and its altitude. see.

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