Hours of fear: continue research to locate the 22-year-old shipwreck of Oinousses.

On the first day of the day by all possible means, floating and above head, surveys will be carried out in the sea area south of Oinousses to locate the 22-year-old, ignored from the early Friday night when the shipwreck in the polyesterboot
The father and owner of the 68-year-old boatman from PK, the 24-year-old daughter of the unfortunate father and the 59-year-old USA, save the dead.
Take part in the explorations two boats of the Mississippi-Hellenic accordion, the RC of the open sea, a warship, two super-puma helicopters that are being replaced by FROTEX, the two rescue teams, fishing boats and private boats as well as a diver
Even without visibility, the studies will continue throughout the night. had come on holiday, departed from the port of Chios with the white polyester boat "Aspasia" ΝΧΧ3068, 4.90 meters long and 1.60 meters wide with an outboard engine of 6 hp

18 August, 3:00 pm

A 24 Year-old girl is found live on a floating raft – robot lamp from the fishing village "Panagia Despina" of Stamati Zanikou, in the sea area south of Oinousses, after hours of wrestling with the waves. The Port Authority is informed and the investigation under the Chios Central Port Authority is under way to find the remaining three people traveling to "Aspasia"

16.50 hours
The 59-year-old friend of Patapolos Open Sea from Haven 080 in the sea area south of Oinousses at a different point than that found by the girl.

8:00 am,

South of Oinousses, without the senses of her 68-year-old father, is a friend of a fishing boat.
Moved to the port of Chios and p

12.30 hours

The two survivors are transferred to the port of Chios. they wait for their relatives in need.
Investigations are continuing in the sea area south of Oinousses, between Gaidouronisou, Panagia and Chios, until the darkness fell

] An important search and rescue operation for missing persons after the sinking of a fishing vessel in the southern maritime region of Oinousses, Chios

Published on Sat, 18/08/2018 – 21:12

The Unified Center for Research and Rescue Coordination LS-EL.ACT, today in the early morning, to locate and (19459007) According to a statement of the above she went along with her 68-year-old father, who was in charge of the "her 22-year-old brother and a 59-year-old (a total of four -04 occupants ) on the A / C "ASPASIA" L. Chios 3068. After his departure from the port of Chios to the port of Oinousses,
Immediately under the coordination of the Unified Ke Research and rescue co-ordination, launched a large-scale search and rescue operation to d e to locate three (03) missing persons in the wider sea area. Shortly thereafter it was tracked and contacted by the offshore vessel LS-EL.ACT. the 59-year-old was found in the morning hours by "PANAGIA DESPOINA" and was recruited by the rescue ship LS-EL.AKT. (19459007) In the surveys participated in an offshore vessel LS-EL.AKT, two (02) patrol vessels LS-EL.ACT, lifeboat vessel LS-EL.ACT., Ferry, many private and professional boats, as well as a professional diver. At the same time two (02) SUPER PUMA helicopters from the Hellenic Air Force left. (19459007) The two (02) survivors were transferred to the "SKILLSION" General Hospital of Chios for first aid, as well as the (19459007) A preliminary investigation was carried out by the Chios Central Port Authority, the incident showed no pollution of the sea, while the searches for the 22-year-old hitherto with negative results continue
All developments will be announced with a newer press release

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