Ilia: Fight the flames on two fronts – Local authorities complain about non-improvement Greece

The firemen in Ilia give fire, as after the fiery front, which broke out early in the afternoon in a forest area near the village of Dafniotissa, a new one appeared between Geraki and Analipsi. "No settlement has ever been evacuated, I did not give a mandate because it did not have to," emphasized the mayor of Iliad Christos Christodoulopoulos in "K".

At the same time, according to the fire brigade, there are 60 firefighters with 30 vehicles, 20 people walking in the area of ​​Dafniotissa, while the efforts are supported by air and a helicopter.

Let us note that this front has experienced a strong revival in the last hour, a fact confirmed by Mr. Christodoulopoulos.

"The front is too big, it has opened a lot," said Dafniotisa, the president of the Daphniotisa local community, Dionysis Zacharopoulos, in the "K". At the same time, he also notes that he was not ordered to evacuate the settlement, while he underlined that at the moment only the kennel in the area where the flames raged in the settlement is at risk.

On the second fiery front, which broke out around noon, between the areas of Geraki and Analipsi, 50 firefighters with 25 vehicles, a group of hikers and three helicopters of air are working while the road to the village of Analipsi is closed.

Note that the Ascension Monastery is only one hour in danger if the wind has not changed direction.

"It is a bewildering impression that there is arson"

Their anger is denounced by local actors because, as they say in the "K", they can not be coincidental, exactly a year after a fire breaks out in the same place. What raises more questions, however, is the fact that the new front that broke out was in a very close environment, so they wrote scenarios of arson. "It is a diffuse impression that there was arson, it is a very suspicious way, there are no limits at the same time", emphasized the chairman of Ilida's council, Andreas Nikolakopoulos, in the "K", while stressing: "The residents shouted at the police to draw their attention to the forest, they are looking for someone with a motorbike that was found there at the time, there must be an arson. "

It is remarkable that, according to Mr. Nikolakopoulos, the assistance of the aircraft came with a very long delay. "Their contribution came two hours later, the intervention has been delayed," he says, expressing hope that the fronts have been reduced to sunset.

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