Images and testimonies of the crash point of the aircraft

Shocked images of the crash site of the air force training plane, resulting in the loss of life by the 39-year-old ruler of the fatal T2 Buckeye, Nikos Vassiliou on Tuesday morning.

One of the first to be found at the point where the air force plane crashed, near the village of Collins, north of Sparta, was the deputy governor of Arcadia, Vangelis Giannakouras.

It was he who, in his statements, revealed the tragic moment to locate the unfortunate emperor's body. The experienced ruler tried not to use the ejected chair, because his second pilot survived.

Since the fall of the Air Force Airplane in the inaccessible area "there is nothing left, just a few pieces," said V. Giannakouras, according to

Referring to the moment when the unfortunate pilot died, he said: "From what I saw while holding the helm, he had failed to jump and fell into the ravine. The difference of 40 seconds in the time of the launch of the commanders may have been fatal for the governor. & # 39;

According to Arcadia, the pilot who was saved, 39, was shocked by what had happened. Super Puma took over the accident and transferred it to the 251 General Aviation Hospital in Athens.

At the time of the crash it rained heavily in the area and so the fire that erupted after the crash of the plane and the ignition did not expand.

The time of the tragedy

According to a statement by the general staff of the Air Force, the 39-year-old governor Nikolaos Vassiliou of the T-2 Buckeye Air Force training aircraft crashed between Sparta and Kalamata today, according to the Aviation General Staff.

During a training flight and a special exercise (spinning), the two aircraft operators left the ship for unknown reasons until 8.50 am, leaving seven nautical miles north of Sparta.

The unfortunate pilot
The unfortunate pilot

The co-pilot proved to be healthy by the search and rescue teams and he was admitted to the hospital in Kalamata, but unfortunately the fire brigade later identified the pile of the unfortunate episode.

The two sailors had a great flying experience with a total of about 2,500 hours. GEO has appointed a committee of experts to investigate the accident.

The plane flew at a height of 800 meters and it seems that both pilots tried to save it from a proposed problem until the last moment. The training aircraft had taken off from the 120 Air Training Wing, Kalamata.

Three-day mourning in the air force

A very difficult day for the Air Force was the National Minister of Defense, Panos Kammenos, after the fall of the training plane in Tripoli during an exercise in which one of the two pilots was killed. During a debate with journalists, Mr Kammenos said that a three-day mourning in the air force would be proclaimed.

The Minister of National Defense emphasized that the two pilots were experienced, while the exercise in which the accident occurred was a revolving flight. The pilot, who used the pushing chair, warned the ground and found it very quickly, moving to 251 GNA while the other was found on the plane.

It should be noted that in cases where it is necessary to leave the aircraft, the second pilot, who is the trainer and who is in the rear position, always drives first.

Both pilots were trailers. The pilot found dead was 39 years old and father of two children.

Finally, Mrs Katerina Papakosta, who came to her meeting with Mr Kammenos, expressed her sadness and fear about the accident and her warm sympathy with the emperor's family.

The announcement of the CEO:

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 8:50 am, a 7-nautical mile north of Sparta was dropped into a training fly instructor on a T-2 Buckeye, and the co-pilot of the plane was rescued by using a parachutist, while the governor, deputy (I) Nikolaos Vassiliou, was found dead in the fall zone of the plane.

The two (2) Flyers had a great flying experience with a total of about 2,500 hours.

The Air Force Staff has appointed a committee of experts to investigate the accident.

In the area firefighters were rushed to help with the investigation. Large ground troops of firefighters and the Air Force of Tripoli are in the area.

Information indicates that it has fallen near the Arcadian Ecological Farm in Bukovina. The site of the crash is identified in the area of ​​Kolkini, Arcadia, on the border with Laconia.

A resident of the area described the 24/7 Radio on 88.6 the images he saw: As he said, the residents saw the co-pilot who was found to fall with the parachute. He added that helicopters, police and fire brigade blasted the area, while the fire in the debris cooled quickly, which also contributed to the fact that it was raining.

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