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Unprecedented security measures, more than ever before, will be taken for the 83rd TIF this year, as the domestic reasons for this have come to add that America, with senior US officials, is honored to be in town this year during the exhibition.

Indeed, increased security measures, allegedly, were designed with the involvement of US service officials.

FBI agents participated in a series of meetings in Athens and Thessaloniki, and the same sources were given the right to "supervise" the ELAS business centers and cameras in the joint venture for the days of the 83rd TIF.

Police officer and two prosecutors

In Thessaloniki we expect thousands of policemen from all over Greece in the coming days. Their number can rise to 5,000, because the Ministry of Civil Protection wants to have as many staff as possible.

In order to be able to better monitor and manage the police, and to be able to give clear orders if necessary, the head of the office of Thessaloniki, mr. Lambros Tsogas, two prosecutors appointed to appear on Saturday at key points.

The prosecutor, Ms. Christina Kapamas, will take place in the business center that will be located at the headquarters of the general police in Thessaloniki and the prosecutor, Ms. Argyri Kotina, will be near the EL.AS troops. listed in the TIF area.

Above the city, a Hellenic police helicopter continues to fly to give better instructions for the movement of both demonstrators and street police.

Large demonstrations against the government

The Thessaloniki International Fair this year is very different from the previous one, because the situation for the SYRIZA-ANEL government is not the best, although the government staff advertises where they can leave the memoranda.

On the one hand, the agreement with FYROM on the name of the neighboring country and, on the other hand, the policy implemented by the government has called for strong reactions from citizens who intend to make known their opposition to Alexis Tsipras and his staff.

For this reason, the Greek police will try to limit the new rally as much as possible to the "Prespa agreement", which is held on Saturday.

It is not easy, as policemen emphasize, because the fairly diverse crowd can have strong reactions, as happened with the mayor of Thessaloniki who was defeated at the Pontic during an event about the genocide.

At the same time, as is done "traditionally" every year, there will be trade union and employee unions meetings, which will develop into paths with final destination (if this is achieved) the Vellidio Convention Center.

ELSAS must solve the difficult equation. they could not miss the anti-authoritarian people who would invade every course and then cut off to start their own "guerrilla" at the police, which caused disasters.

Honored the USA.

The fact that the honored country is the United States of America at the Thessaloniki International Fair this year adds another "headache" for the officers of the Greek police.

The US government will be represented by Minister Wilbur Ross, who will be the head of the Delegation in Thessaloniki from the United States.

Together with Mr. Ross, many executives from the world's largest companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Lockheed Martin will be exhibited at the fair, making the & # 39; degree of difficulty & # 39; for their safe stay increases.

To help – but also to supervise – the action plans of Greek police officers, the police headquarters in Thessaloniki visited representatives of the FBI, who will be present at the business center and on Saturday for an idea to have what happens in the city.

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