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"End of the memorandum means restoring rights, it means the other way around," said Tsipras, speaking from Syros, against workers in Neorion.

The reincarnation of what advertises as a postmodern freedom of movement in tangible examples of applied politics is the nodal bet for the government in an attempt to destroy the unfavorable data for it at this time. Of course, everything is moving within the framework that has already been agreed with the partners and financiers. The essential piece of writing is expected to be given to Thessaloniki, where the package of announcements and benefits will be unveiled, of which at this time reportedly are SYRIZA government and party executives. Yesterday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visited Syros and Neorio to bring public intervention in the field of work to the attention. Which of course is combined with the increased freedom that the Memorandum allows. "Now, end of this period and the end of the memorandum means restoring rights, restoring collective agreements and raising the minimum wage, it means backward, rebuilding quality work and the rights of workers in our country," he said, speaking to employees in Neorio.

Mr. Tsipras is expected to take the trouble to reshape the government's image, something he has done for the government at crucial times and times of crisis. It remains to be seen whether his personal political capital, undoubtedly affected, is sufficient to start again.

The advantages

A central element in trying to redefine the image of the government is of course the advantages. A softer package of benefits for the TIF is considered crucial here, because it will also be promoted by the government as a confirmation of a greater degree of freedom in making tax decisions, a message that leaves promises and for other interventions. Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos described this plan yesterday (R / C "In Red"), which states that the memorandum period is over. "And that looks too fast, it will be clear from the fact that the Greek government – by maintaining the budget balance and respecting the 3.5% target of primary surplus – will take a series of social support measures, certain social categories, and increases the income of workers, and it reiterated, with regard to the pension cuts introduced to apply from 1 January, that "it is not objectively necessary to take this measure or apply it to surplus target ".

The postmodern reality for the government and the party was placed on the agenda of the meeting of the Political Council, scheduled for yesterday afternoon. During the weekend, according to well-informed sources, it is also expected that the question clarifies whether Panos Skourtetis moves from government to party, and whether Mr. Tsipras is being prepared, if the Minister of the Interior refuses to promote another government official in Koumoundourou. The completion of these processes will ultimately determine the time of reformation – beyond the magnitude of the changes in the government. With the change of the secretary of SYRIZA, government sources say that before the reshuffle the Central Committee meets to elect the new secretary. This means a further shift of the transformation.

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