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If we look at the completion of the third program and leave the memoranda, it is the governments and European partners. Pierre Moscovis celebrates a historic day for Greece and Europe on 20 August, while Mario Senteno states that Greece is taking back control of the policy-making process.

There is no new program and new conditions, says CEO Claus Regling.

The end of the memoranda is attributed to the Tsipra government, said Dimitris Papadimoulis.


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"Development has returned, unemployment is still high, but significantly lower than three years ago, and I believe that the future of the Greek economy can be good if the government continues to implement the reforms as agreed" " Mr Regling, pointing out that today, for Greece, "there is certainly much more confidence than a few years ago"

Asked if Greece can be a success story, he said: "Absolutely Nobody ever believed that Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Cyprus would be success stories, and when I talk about these four countries, I always talk about four successes. to take into account, provided that it meets the agreed reforms "

"Great success" meant the departure of Greece from the third financing program, Bruno Lemmer, the French Minister of Economy and Finance, in an interview with the newspaper "Tomb of the Sunday", while emphasizing that the country's commitments are "free" »

"Greece's commitments for the future are clear, especially as regards the issue of primary surpluses and the preservation of the momentum of reforms, I have no doubt that they will be respected and Greece will take the path of growth and jobs. continue to walk, which was issued by the President of the French Republic last September, and we are now on this road ", he added.

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"The government will, after eight years of national testing, run the wheel where it thinks it needs it," said the State Secretary for Administrative Reconstruction, Olga Gerovassili, in the newspaper Real News, referring to the establishment of a permanent mechanism for tax relief. targeted social spending that will exceed our estimate of around 1 billion euros "

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Congratulations to Greece on the completion of the program have been sent by the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and in Greek, with a message on Twitter

"You did it! Congratulations to Greece and its people to put an end to the financial support program Thanks to the enormous efforts and European solidarity you won tomorrow," Donald Tusk wrote in Greek.

You did it! Congratulations to Greece and its people at the end of the program for financial support Thanks to the enormous efforts and European solidarity you won tomorrow

– Donald Tusk (eucopresident) 20 August 2018


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