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Change his environment again predicts meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos, who in his post on Facebook talks about rains and storms on Monday and Tuesday.

Details of his message:

Rain and thunderstorms come on Monday and Tuesday

For most parts of the country this summer turned out to be quite mild, without extreme heat and even with a lot of rainfall, which took place mainly in July.

So even though we are on our way to the last days of this summer, it will hurry us again to remind us of the autumn mood, because it was often full in July.

Weekend with local rainfall, mostly in the west

According to the latest forecasts, the weather is sometimes volatile at weekends (local rain showers and local storms) mainly in regions of the western mainland and the Ionian islands (perhaps very local and in Crete). But this is only the beginning because more rain will come on Monday.

Monday and Tuesday with rain and strong storms

If the latest forecasts are maintained, as currently shown (see ECMWF forecasts for, Monday and Tuesday will be two rainy days for different parts of the country.

These cards are maps with rain forecasts during both Monday and Tuesday.

Monday: first day of bad weather

On Monday, as seen on the first map, rain and local thunderstorms will occur in different regions of the Ionian Islands and most continental countries (from Central Eastern Macedonia to the southern to the Peloponnese)

To understand the map, the finer the blue colors you see, the less, the weaker and the local population will be the rainfall. The darker the blue colors, and especially if the color scale goes to the green-orange leaves, the more intense or even generalized will be the rainfall and the local storms.

Tuesday: Second day of bad weather

Tuesday will again have a stormy character with local hailstorms, especially in the central and southern part of the country (including of course in the region & # 39; s Cyclades and Crete) and especially at local level, such as on Monday.

The temperature drops from Monday

As for the prices for mercury, these will fall on Monday and Tuesday. So, on Monday, in the east and south, it will reach 33-34 degrees Celsius (even lower in the west), Tuesday will drop further in the rest of the country (31-32 degrees at an average price, even in fragile heat regions)

No problem with sea transport

There are no problems with shipping trips during the 2 days of bad weather. So, on Mondays and Tuesdays, the north and north west winds blow in most sea areas of the country, with a tension of 4-6 and on Tuesday 7 beautiful in the Aegean Sea.

My dearest and a good weekend in all of you.

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