Justice demanded the parents of the tourist killed in Zakynthos: "They killed him"

How they lost their child for a selfie that tried to find the parents of Baccarat, who was beaten to a Laganas bar in Zakynthos last summer.

Parents of the 23-year-old Baccarie Henderson demand justification for the unjust loss of their son, beaten by staff and bar staff.

"He had a bright future ahead of him, he was a very smart child, and if (the defendants) gave him the opportunity to meet him, they would become friends." We're missing. "" In the community, in the neighborhood, his friends, the fact that they took us away from us really hurts " his father told ANT1.

"Finally it is time for the trial to try and cure our wounds, but by that time we are silent, waiting for justice" said his mother.

"They caught him and killed him, I can not understand how you can do that … To kill someone … He woke me up early that day and said to me: Hello Daddy, I wanted to tell you a lot about your birthday and it's okay with me She felt safe, came to Greece a year ago … We were not worried about him, they said.

The younger parents said they had not taken any legal steps for financial compensation, because the only thing they care about is a fair trial and severe punishment for those who have taken their son's life away.

According to the lawyer of the Henderson family: "Through the videos, the police have given each accused his involvement in the murderous action against Baccarri, and it is clear to us how everyone is involved."

The murder case will be dealt with before the Common Court of Patras on 21 September.

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