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The political controversy between the government and the new democracy continues with harsh statements and the exchange of "fires" through announcements on the occasion of the Energa scandal and the case of Aristeidos Floros.

Initially, ND, with her announcement, turned her arrows on the prime minister, described the "moral perpetrator of the vulgar pillage" and noted that "whether he wants it or not will be punished quickly, as it deserves, in the polls".

The Maximos Mansion attacked Kyriakos Mitsotakis with his announcement by involving a relative of the president of the opposition in the Energa scandal.

Late in the afternoon, Herodes Atticus replied in Piraeus' announcement and noted that "ND & # 39; s embarrassment and panic come in. Instead of responding to the content, he writes reports on winds and waters. 39;

"How can he justify the fact that Mitsotakis' cousin and co-worker was not only the lawyer of Aristeidos Floros who made the offshore to steal the state, but also his partner?" With regard to Mr Dimitriadis's cooperation with the judiciary, many are those who worked together in the past to escape when they caught them with the goat, Mr Mitsotakis's apologies are funny, and the only thing that is not funny is that citizens know very well who Greece has been for so long. plagued, "he said in the statement. …

ND: The vulgar slanderers will be called to account, the moral perpetrator Tsipras

It was preceded by an ND announcement that personally attacked the Prime Minister and accused Alexis Tsipras of "bearing primary responsibility for the unprecedented outburst of political confrontations".

"The vulgar slanderers will also be held responsible by the moral perpetrator Al. Tsipras will soon be punished, as he deserves, at the ballot box," said the press release from the New Democracy on the occasion of the current front page of Documento on the case of Energa .

In his announcement the press service of the ND remarked: "From the day of the election of Mr. Kyriacos Mitsotakis to the leadership of Nea Demokratia and almost every Sunday, by his mud sand, called" Documento ", by his Mr. Tsipras, his woman systematically often slandered close co-workers.

The propaganda body of the government was released on the internet yesterday and today in the kiosks with two headlines.

The first advertised an interview with Daselblum, the former leader of the Eurogroup, who had to meet the wife of the president of New Democracy for her business activities. The only truth is that a relevant Daselblum statement has never been made. & # 39;

And he adds that "something that Mr Vaxevanis" surprisingly "has prevented is that Mr Dacielblum refers extensively to Mr Tsipras' disastrous choices, saying:" Greece could have been out of the program in 2014. As the economy grew, unemployment fell and the world sent its money back to Greece. "For the first half of 2015, following Alexis Tsipras' decision to throw the Samaras government, the election of the President of the Republic to accelerate, Daselblum said that "confidence was overcome" and that "the economy collapsed" to the consciousness of the SYRIZA-ANEL government that its experiments would lead the country to the drachma and its absolute destruction. "

"Even more vulgar lies lie in the second head of" Documento "which was finally printed," continues the ND statement, adding that "herein the nephew of the president of the New Democracy and his associate, Mr. Grigoris Dimitriadis, as allegedly accused by Flora van Energa and directly involved in the big scandal, this openly slanderous publication deliberately hides the fact that Mr. Dimitriadis was a witness in the trial against Mr. Florus and made a decisive contribution to his imprisonment. is also deliberately forbidden that Floros was persecuted and imprisoned in New Democracy and was recently released by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL because of the criminal laws passed by the ministers of Mr. Tsipras and Kammenos. "

"This is not called journalism, not even an attempt to manipulate citizens, it is a brutal political judgment of the government's propaganda body, with perpetrators of the Vakesean gang and moral surgeons, the staff of Mr. Tsipras, but also personally, "says the announcement of the main opposition party.

"We are convinced that as long as his devalued government leads to an electoral crash, both targeted mudslides will increase, but unfortunately the poorest period before the Post-Confederation elections is the privilege of the most vulgar government the place has ever known, "says the announcement.

And he points out that the New Democracy and its president trust the justice that appeals to the direct victims, institute legal proceedings and lawsuits against defamation Kostas Vaxevanis.

"Today, however, the New Democracy is also personally addressed to Mr. Tsipras because it is obvious that he bears the main responsibility for the unprecedented outpouring of the political confrontation, his plan will not succeed, the vulgar slanderers will be called to account and the instigator Alexis Tsipras, whether he wants it or not, will later, as he deserves, punish in the polls, "the announcement of the press service of the party.

Maximos: Another big scandal touches Mr. Mitsotakis

The glove in the ND announcement had picked up the prime minister's office. "Is there a big scandal at this place where Mitsotakis and his family are not hiding?" Report Maximos, concerning the Floros affair, and called ND and his leader to give answers.

The prime minister's press service said: "Another big scandal seems to have touched Mr. Mitsotakis and the ND personally, which is good to stop silent and give convincing answers.

After Mr Frouzis there was another excellent one, Mr Aristides Floros from Energa, a family protector, since the cousin and advisor of Mr Mitsotakis, Mr Demetriades, was not only his lawyer, but also, as he had submitted to the researcher, itself the offshore, through which the Greek state was conquered.

"We ask for the truth," concludes the announcement, "is there a great scandal at this place behind which Mr. Mitsotakis and his family are not hidden?" And as postmark:

"PS The lawyers of Mr. Floros are good, Boridis among them, but the plaque with the institutions is over …"

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