Kouvelis insists: there were no strategic errors in Mati

According to Deputy Minister of Defense Fotis Kouvelis, despite the fact that he – by speaking in REA-MPA – this could not be determined the moment of liberation them. "What happened was the result of systematic actions on the part of the government, and in particular of the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras," he points out.
Fotis Kouvelis, who was found from the first moment in the problem, tells the Athenian-Macedonian news agency how he lived on his own side "the concerns of the families of our two military officers, the strength, the dignity and the outrageousness of our two officers ", and at the same time" the constant interest of Greek society ".

pyrk for Mati the minister points out that the government makes choices in favor of the collective interest, without being bowed by the reactions it will encounter

Asked by the Agency for the period from now ] before the memorandum Mr. Kouvelis remarked that the government "has created the necessary conditions to promote the development and recovery of injustice." It also supports Greek society and especially the social layers that have the greatest blows. received at the 8-year memorial in Greece. "

This is the full text of the interview of the Deputy Minister of National Defense Fotis Kouvelis with Nikos Papadimitriou for the Athenian / Macedonian news agency:

Minister, you also had a personal involvement in the issue of the two soldiers. I remember well that we had a conversation the day their arrest was known. First of all, it was unexpected that you were released from prison

It was expected that we could not determine the time of liberation and return of our two military leaders to Greece. What happened was the result of systematic actions on the part of the government, and in particular prime minister Alexis Tsipras. Efforts and activities that we have systematically developed, that exert our pressure and emphasize the issue as a matter of violation of legitimacy and international law

A lot has been heard and written about how we arrived at this release. For you who was the decisive factor in the "liberation of the two soldiers"?

I believe that the one who worked decisively and led to this decision, the Turkish justice and Erdogan, were the pressure exerted by us and on the part of the European Union.

And from those 167 days you, Minister, what do you remember the most of?
What I am recording is the long-standing violation of international legitimacy and aggressive rhetoric chosen by Turkey. Rhetoric coupled with this practice, which is part of the tensions of Turkey, as well as the refusal of justice to apply international law. I remember and note the concerns of the families of our two military executives, the strength, the dignity and the disgrace of our two officers, and the continued interest of the Greek society that all this attracted as unacceptable and at the same time offensive to our country.

But let's change the question and ask about the conclusions you've drawn from the recent tragedy in Mati …

This event has caused the whole Greek people to grieve, grieve and grieve in the government itself. Strategic errors I think they did not exist. Of course, individual errors have been recorded and searched and evaluated with calm and austerity and by the Greek justice system. The great issue of causes, how a certain weather phenomenon led to the death of many of our fellow citizens, as well as the violation of legality regarding spatial and urban issues, is also recorded.
The state of illegality, arbitrariness, is recorded as an important factor for the tragedy that occurred in Mati. The government, which assumed political responsibility, immediately promoted and promoted measures to restore urban and territorial legitimacy in the region. It makes specific choices, choices and measures that will undoubtedly lead to reactions. But the one who is important to us is not the interests that can exist and exist in this arbitrariness. What we regard as a fixed choice for us is the collective interest. And it is in the collective interest to have arrangements that, as far as necessary, restore all those issues that have been recorded on all sides as important figures that have resulted in this painful event of the loss of the lives of our fellow citizens.

But the coming week coincides with the historic moment when I left the memoranda and the first thing I would like to ask is whether the country is finished, the economy for this event

Mr Papadimitriou, far away from me any compensation of the tragic incident of the deadly fire in Mati, with the important fact of leaving the country, and formally, by memoranda on August 21st.
The government, using the new situation, the fact that there will be no surveillance or as we know it, with a previous its actions have created the conditions necessary to promote both the development and the rehabilitation of injustice . It also supports Greek society and especially the social layers that suffered the greatest blows during the 8-year memorial situation in Greece

This support for our weakest fellow citizens, but also the middle class, how will it be in balance with the whisperings? from partners and markets for a decent economy

Our economy will be neat and this housekeeping is known to have started long before we even count a few days before the exit and the formal exit from the memoranda. Measures and measures that have already begun and support the growth of the economy and the development rate have been promoted. Because the government's priorities are right to address everyone who has wasted Greek society and the Greek economy. And I am steadily referring to honest development and not generally and vaguely to growth, because the economic outcome of development is fairly distributed and rightly to be enjoyed by Greek citizens rather than by the few

And one last question, Minister. Despite the fact that we are in August, we have a warm political climate. Why does the government say & # 39; no & # 39; against ND's request to appeal to the polls?

The New Democracy and not only refer to the course of the elections. ND asks the government to make elections from the very first moment that its leadership has changed. It is constantly repeated as much as empty what it says. The country must go and go with the government, which establishes its positive results at the end of its constitutional mandate – and will do so. In particular, the New Democracy embodies what is constantly being read for elections for a steadfast opposition that has chosen not to doubt why this is not the case, the positive that the government registers and is important. But above all, she wants to equip her argument that if the New Democracy wins the elections – which she will not win – it will change the course of the country as unfounded. The issue of ND and those who follow her own rhetoric is to drop this government. The New Democracy, neoliberalism and conservatism that exists and is expressed by some political forces in our country, are not reconciled with the fact that the government uses the Left. function (d, s, id)
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