Lamia: A dead 51-year-old from his brother in law to hunt

In shock, the society of Pelasgia in Eastern Fthiotida can not believe how a 38-year-old wild boar's hunter died at sunrise since his son-in-law's shot.

The 38-year-old was early in the morning with his 51-year-old son-in-law started setting up a hat at different locations at the PAKO factory just before the village of Vathycillos to kill wild boar.

Under unprecedented circumstances so far, the 51-year-old shot saw that he saw movement in the forest against police officials and after a while he realized that he had shot the 38-year-old because he had issued it for prey.

Scenes from the old tragedy evolved a little later when they were informed and relatives arrived who could not realize the evil that had happened. In fact, among the attendees was the father of the 38-year-old victim and the father-in-law of the perpetrator who had not passed the evolution of events and faintly transferred to the health center of Stylida and then to the hospital of Lamia.

The Police department of Stylidas investigates the case and tries to gather more information about how a young man was killed while hunting wild boar.

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