Lamia: He has extorted the French – She had her as a "slave of sex", bound her and raped her – Crime

New facts come to light about the 40-year-old French kidnapping case of her 34-year-old lady in Lamia. Creepy descriptions of what happened to the young man allegedly testify to Lamia's security officers, the 40-year-old Interpol, and led to his arrest, as did two other Lamiotians treated in the same way by the suspect.

The latest proof comes down to the claim of the 34-year-old that the case with the Frenchman was a simple erotic game, which turned out to be fiercer in who the master would be.

It is a fact that there may be a choice between adults about preferences for sex, but in any case there must be consensus on both parties. In the case of the 34-year-old, the choices seemed to be his and they were imposed in every possible way on the women who had become entangled with him.

New deposits

New evidence comes to light on two other women who have reported the traumatic experiences of the 34-year-old and make the 40-year-old version even more plausible. The latter testified that Lamia arrived from Wednesday to Saturday, when police officers found it, faced with the incredible brutality of a man who wanted to enslave her.

The version of what the 40-year-old says to have their roots in jealousy after the 34-year-old was divorced from the 24-year-old – who is also arrested – no longer stands because the testimonials that have been added reveal his behavior similar to at least two other women.

The suspect is probably extorted for almost 12 years. She threatened her for spoofing and had managed to play it as a "game" for more than a decade.

The other woman who was involved with her 34-year-old just after her eighteen years, raped because she did not like her at first, and when she tried to remove him, she tied her up and raped her.

Fear in all these cases seems to be the feeling that not only allowed them to get them out of their lives, but not to report it to the police. In addition, women had to be called to prove that everything was done without their will, with the only "weapon" their word against the accused's speech and knowing that their deposition would be made public information that would follow them in the closed Lamia area. .

As for the 24-year-old companion of the accused, who was arrested for murdering a criminal, her past but also her character, she does not allow her to think that she has agreed to such extreme games with her will. And if she still shows the events as if everything was almost normal, her picture is contaminated by a feared girl who, when she lost hers, was the only 34-year-old.

At this stage, the case paved the way with the 34-year and 24-year resumption of the Lamia courts' threshold on Tuesday morning after the two-day deadline they had taken to prepare their excuses.

It is clear that their position is more difficult after the new revelations, but there is still a long way to go, with police officers waiting to "talk" with the cell phone of the 34-year-old. By the way, on the computer he met the 40-year-old Frenchman and through the new technology he came closer to his potential victims.

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