Letter from the Medical Association of Athens to the Department of Health about Antioxidant Serum Deficiencies Greece

Official medical information about anti-serum deficiencies is requested by the Athens Medical Association with a mission that is sent today to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health.

The ESA expresses its concern about the shortcomings of the serum in the country's public hospitals, in particular on the islands and the province, and on the other hand asks A. Xanthos and P. Polakis for the reason for the modification of the circular with regard to the classification of anti-serum of "LIST 2" (mandatory antidotes for all hospitals) in "LIST 3" (antidotes for reference hospitals).

As stated in the letter: "The antidote must be available in emergency departments in hospitals across the country, especially in the countryside, but as we have been informed, most hospitals in a province and islands do not have an antidote, since the Ministry of Health the health departments did not deliver ".

Especially this year, as reported by the EIA, there is an increase in incidents of snake bites, especially on the islands.

The letter to the political leadership of the Ministry of Health emphasizes: "Minister, we do not understand the reasoning behind the above amendment, because it is known that the use of antispasmodic serum must be done very quickly so that there are no other complications for the patient.

The administration within a period of 2 hours defined in your last circular is a very critical and dangerous time for the health of the patient. "

ESA chairman G. Patoulis said: "Prevention is always better than cure, and public health is all about it." This should certainly be applied to all residents of Greece and we ask the Ministry of Health for an official update. about the availability of anti-phosphate sera in the hospitals in the country. "

Source: RES-EAP

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