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The increase in the minimum wage, the possibilities to reduce EMF, the retention of pensions at the current level by postponing their reduction from 2019, are among the measures envisaged

With the completion of the Greek program, the government now claims in a & # 39; fight & # 39; to relieve the weaker strata of the economy. Information from the Agency for Renewable Energy Sources, the Prime Minister and the Economic Staff have already planned their next steps, and on the agenda of the measures that Alexis Tsipras is about to announce from the TIF step, the tax benefits and strengthening of the social benefits dominated by an attempt to strengthen the left and social sign of the government.

The increase in the minimum wage, the possibilities to reduce EMFIA, the continuation of pensions at the current level by postponing their reduction from 2019, are among the measures that they consider in the government. For the announcements made by the Prime Minister to the TIF he has already urged the government leaders with Dimitris Tzanakopoulos to declare in Real Fm that "very soon citizens will see the difference".

At the same time, Minister Efi Atsioglu, speaking in ET3, argued that a budget of more than EUR 750 million has already been committed, which will be allocated to a combination of tax relief, social security contributions and social security contributions. "Now the government is in a position to pursue a universal social policy, not only to deal with the humanitarian crisis, such as in 2015 – and to strengthen the middle layers," said Ms. Atsioglu.

The 83rd international trade fair of Thessaloniki

All attention is therefore focused on the Prime Minister's speech at the 83rd International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki on Saturday 8 September. Before his speech, Mr. Tsipras will meet with the representatives of the producer organizations, where he will listen to their problems and suggestions and broadcast his message about the government's economic policy in the coming period.

The honored country in this year's TIF is the US, so several US companies will be involved in the event and there will be opportunities for business deals. US Ambassador Jeffrey Pawat has said that the US will support the Greek economy in the post-commemoration era. Interventions will soon appear, as shown by the positions of the government.

Tax benefits, waiver of premium, social benefits

Yet another example of the premier's intentions was given by the Minister of State, Christoforos Vernardakis, to the radio station of RES-MPE "Agency 104.9 fm". According to him, the goal is to strengthen the financial position and the ability of the middle and lower social layers. The measures will be mainly of a fiscal and insurance nature, with potential, as mentioned, reduction of GNF, targeted and significant tax relief. The prime minister's plans include measures to reduce unemployment, raise the minimum wage and recommence collective bargaining, which is also an important commitment to the elections.

Unemployment limitation, minimum wage increase, collective bargaining

Statements by the Minister of State, which stressed that the government will have completed the legislative framework in September to continue with the "flagship initiatives" on base salary and the resumption of collective bargaining. "Collective agreements, the basic salary and the reduction of unemployment are three conditions that catalyze the forces and rights of the people of work."

On the same wavelength, the Minister of Labor spoke about four movements of the government at work:

1. Reducing unemployment by concentrating on the hard core, ie older people with many years of work and young people with a high degree of specialization.

2. Increase of the minimum wage. This increase will lead to an increase in wages both in the lower scale and in the following wage scales.

3. Resumption of collective bargaining and expansion of sectoral contracts.

4. Combating crimes on the labor market.

There is no need to lower pensions

The government also insists that the statutory reduction of pensions from 1 January 2019 is not necessary. This view has been expressed several times by the competent minister, Efi Achitsoglou. Now the government spokesman leaves the government open for no cuts. "It all depends on the country's fiscal policy, and if we have a clear picture, we will also make official updates on the issue of pensions," Mr Tzanakopoulos said.

More categorically, Mr. Vernardakis, who emphasized the common feeling in Greece and abroad, that the expected reduction of 1/1/2019 should not be done because there is a good fiscal space.

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