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"Macedonia and Thrace will be pioneers in productive reconstruction," said the new Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace Katerina Netopoulou, while departing Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha stressed that "the strengthening and strengthening of Northern Greece is crucial" during the ceremony receipt at the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace.

The ceremony was held for representatives of local authorities and agencies, and the two deputy ministers were moved and this emotion seemed to be the "break" of the voice shortly before the completion of their speeches.

"The challenges should not scare us, but they need to be filled with a greater sense of responsibility and a sense of the great work that we have for us," said Katerina Netopoulou, who takes over the post as head of the prime minister's office for two years. in Thessaloniki, at the age of 30 and is the youngest member of the government.

"In Macedonia and Thrace we are fully aware that today's society needs a democracy, of strengthening the productive and social infrastructure, with extraversion and always for that purpose that we serve," he said and continued: " The work we started two years earlier with the prime minister's office, it is clear that it will not end, and it remains in vain. "The premier's office in Thessaloniki continues its activities and we extend our actions in Macedonia and Thrace and strengthen it.

We thoroughly understand the most important issues in these areas, but we also know people. And I want to assure you that we will try to work in Northern Greece with the same sense of sincere cooperation and I am sure that we will succeed. Macedonia and Thrace will be pioneers in productive reconstruction. The Macedonian-Thracian Ministry hopes and provides a more intensive place for planning and implementation of productive development policies, both within and outside the borders. Far from claustrophobic policies from the past that have established themselves in Thessaloniki and all of northern Greece in previous years. & # 39;

He pointed out that he, as Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, would work with other ministries in the direction of social justice, by improving affected areas with social infrastructure (school shelters, local health units, public works, etc.).

"In the difficult times for the country, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has changed the government's gaze and action in Thessaloniki and northern Greece," he said, saying that this effort will continue to respond to the dreams and concerns of its inhabitants, Macedonia and Thrace.

Katerina Netopoulou thanked Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha for her collaboration over the past two years at adjoining offices.

"A new page opens up for our historical ministry, the Macedonian ministry, the Thracians and, of course, the Greeks," said Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha and made a brief report of her work at the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, that steps in the field of development and that Thessaloniki has often been at the center of international importance.

She stated that she would continue her efforts for the international geopolitical upgrading of the country of the post of Deputy Minister of National Defense and remarked: "My efforts for Macedonia and Thrace continue, and our place is the borders of our country. With the rest of the Balkans and the strengthening and strengthening of Northern Greece is crucial, I will try to help the Ministry of Defense in every possible way. "

She was proud to be the first female minister of Macedonia and Thrace, and she expressed her particular pleasure that the Foreign Ministry remained in her feminine hands.

He spoke heartily about Katerina Netopoulou, said that he is a new man and that he will succeed with the enlightenment and power of God.

Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha closed her speech and cried: "Long live Macedonia, live Macedonia".

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