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A report was sent to the prosecutor of the Areopagus, the mayor of Mykonos Konstantinos Koukas against the former minister of civil defense Nikos Tossas and the head of the Greek police.

The mayor of Mykonos asks to investigate whether criminal liability arises, "with the phenomena of violence and lawlessness that occur during the tourist season on Mykonos".

According to the relevant announcement from Mykonos, the culmination of these phenomena was the violent attack on the municipal council president Miltiadis Azaamoglou in public space.

As noted in the announcement, the report is preceded by a number of demos, reports and meetings of the mayor about the serious problems of delinquency with which the island is faced by the police station.

It is asked to strengthen the power of AT.

The mayor of Mykonos has repeatedly asked the competent authorities – but also with an urgent personal letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras – to directly and significantly strengthen the police of the island (permanent and extraordinary), because there are more cases of delinquency, can be handled by the few police officers on the island.

The number of police officers on the island in the summer season is disproportionate to the 150,000 -200,000 Greeks and foreign tourists.

As also highlighted in the announcement, the mayor announces a commitment from the municipality to secure accommodation and extraordinary financial support for additional police officers, "who also cover the duty of a central state to ensure the proper functioning of the island."

After the meeting with the Athenian prosecutor, Mr Koukas visited the Minister of the Interior Panagiotis Skourtetis, from whom he again called for the police to be strengthened in Mykonos.

According to the Court of Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Koukas said:

"Democracy can only work if there is a police intervention that ensures respect for legitimacy, I have referred this issue to everyone who is competent and in all respects, but in vain, because I listen to ears that do not listen! Greek tourism supporters are not really interested in retaining the main tourist product of our country, which is called Mykonos The knot came to the crest The violent and cowardly attack on the President of the Mykonos City Council exceeded every limit. And to be honest, I wonder what should happen to the responsible minister and the head of the ELAS, and we will continue our fight against organized interests that are fighting Mykonos's progress and prosperity at all costs. for Greek justice – which I have absolute confidence in – to deal with the matter and now take on all the responsibilities that exist to be due. & # 39;

KEDE supports the mayor's report

The Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), the report of the Mayor of Mykonos, Kostas Koukas, about the submission of the Mykonos police station and the increase of the crime, on an island that is one of the strongest brand names in the country US.

"It is the ultimate means of having a mayor to protect the image of his place and to increase the safety awareness of residents and visitors, one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world," said KEDE.

"The state must take the concerns of the local authorities of a municipality that attracts tens of thousands of high-income visitors every year, and thus contribute millions of euros to government revenue," said Kedde chairman, G. Patoulis.

"Mr. Scourletis" goes further "must offer a simple solution to the problem It is inconceivable to oblige first-degree voters to resort to justice to have self-evident power from the central authority Let us finally see the government that security of citizens is directly linked to the image of our country.If the government can not create new wealth, jobs and income with its policies, we must at least have the right conditions for those who can guarantee it. "

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