Memorandum Commitments do not show clean output -Professional coffee in NW Look at TIF

Everything present from today in Piraeus, because this morning Kyriakos Mitsotakis was appointed, the first morning coffee after the few days of vacation. The agenda is the economy with the "exit" from the memoranda, the tours that will take place in the next two weeks and of course the TIF.

The ND president is expected to intervene before the end of the program, stressing that only & # 39; clean & # 39; not the exit, based on the government's commitments. At the same time, it will recall SYRIZANEL's commitments for the coming years to new tax measures and high surpluses. According to the executives of Piraeus, the economy is not protected to enter the market, as evidenced by the rise in interest rates on Greek bonds due to turmoil in Turkey and Italy. "The government," they point out, "trying to rebuild a communicative story that convinces nobody." The Greek economy is considered unsafe and outside European regularity, because only Greece has suffered shocking interest rates and not, for example, Portugal, which also came from an adjustment program.

At the coffee in the morning of Piraeus, the details of Kyriakos Mitsotakis tours are expected to be closed, starting from Zakynthos on Friday. In the ND they attach a great deal of value to the mono-regions because they think in the run-up to elections that they will play an important role in securing self-sufficiency and that the goal is the first of all seven. The ND president will also tour Western Macedonia with a clear remark about Skopje.

There will also be a first discussion about the presence and speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the TIF. Already before the summer holidays, the secretariats of the party were instructed to specify a number of issues, with special emphasis on the specialization of the proposals of the main opposition with regard to insurance and red loans.

The TIF of this year is seen as the last in which Mitsotakis will be present as head of the main opposition. Therefore, according to information, he will pay special attention to his speech on the policy he will follow tomorrow as prime minister. He is expected to give concrete answers to what he wants to change in the country, what he will do differently as the head of government and of course he will succeed.

In Piraeus they estimate that Alexis Tsipras is trapped and waiting to see and appreciate what is reportedly being prepared by the Maxi Mansion as announcements to try to escape the cords he has contracted. At the same time they note that the notorious rearrangement, which is expected, will prove the damage to Mr. Tsipras by his co-pilot. On the one hand, they point out to ND that they will keep Panos Kammenos and ANEL in the government system, it will be like setting a date for his government, based on the developments in Skopje and the post of the Minister of Defense that he is the government will drop. On the other hand, if he accepts the suggestions of his colleagues to remove them from the cabinet, he will act as a minority government if he does not have the support of crucial issues that will come to Parliament.

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