Mice "crush" on the vendors' stalls on the new beach of Thessaloniki (photo)

Intestinal infections and public health hazards are the dozens of mice that according to

photo's on social media "flat" on the stalls of sellers selling different foods, such as popcorn and candy wool and especially children on the new beach of Thessaloniki. As Pezos Walker says in the Friends of the Historical Center of Thessaloniki "

Apart from the aesthetic piece, the stalls on New Beach are an outbreak of infection and a threat to public health. Everyone can see this every day, go to the places where they "park" the hours where they do not work. Hundreds of (literally) mice come from the sources and buy the trailer that sells food normally consumed by children ("puree-wool", popcorn).

It goes without saying that consuming products from such facilities is a big mistake. "

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