Murder In Argos: Tragic Herony With Her Mother 11 Years old

Curious play played the fate of the tragic mother of Argos, who saw her 11-year-old girl fall from the spheres of her half-brother.

The incident that shocked public opinion, Sunday, Sunday, September 30, 2018. The 29-year-old medical student, shot his 11-year-old sister-in-law and then committed suicide.

Behind him he let his 11-year-old mother cry for help. The same woman, as revealed today by the show "Truths with Zina" was the doctor who kept Aspasia Bogry alive five years ago.

Argos: He drank coffee on the balcony and then killed his 11-year-old sister

Family drama in Argos: Kill his 11-year-old sister!

Argos murdered 11 years old

Spyridoula Fatourou, mother of Aspasia, did not hide her emotions, but also her excitement:

"I am very upset, I still can not realize what happened … This strange game of fate … This woman tried to save my child from a head shot of a person in our family five years ago at the same time. after five years her own child at the same time from the head shot to a person of her family " said Spyridoula Fatourou, adding:

& # 39; There are no words to express everything I feel. Helen is a great doctor. I would like to kiss her for what she did and Aspasia would trigger to continue fighting. But now I can only pray. I can not help her otherwise. It is all that tragic. "

Family drama Argos: The mother was locked in the bathroom to save herself

Argos murdered 11 years old

In the show "Truths with Zina", the sister of Spyridoula Fatourou, who is the aunt of Aspasia and a colleague of the doctor, also spoke:

"The woman was destroyed as a human being She ended her life I stiffened when I heard the news I had horrible pictures of what we had experienced five years ago After God was this woman who decided to keep her alive (Aspasia) He said I had a 17-year-old in front of me and that he had to stay alive, he did the impossible. & # 39;

Argos murdered 11 years old


The young man went to Argos on Saturday night, where his mother and his half-sister were.

Indeed, as Iefimerida says, neighbors saw him sitting on the balcony on Sunday morning and drinking his coffee, without doing anything that would happen.

Argos murdered 11 years old

Sunday on Sunday, the 29-year-old mother, an anesthetist in the profession, went to the toilet. The young man locked her up, grabbed a rifle and shot nearly 11 years.

Oddly enough, the mother went to the balcony and screamed for someone to help, while the 29-year-old fired the house and fled to a terrace on the third floor of the apartment building where he put an end to his life.

Argos murdered 11 years old

First the fire brigade arrived and then the police. Police officers went upstairs and saw the 11-year-old girl in a blood pond, and his death took place immediately.

Iefimerida's information indicates that the young man wrestled with his father the day before and wanted to avenge him by killing his sister.

Argos murdered 11 years old

As far as psychological problems are concerned, police sources report that this was not the case and that he recently served in the Military Hospital with the specialty of the ophthalmologist.

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