Mystery with the Hero by French – Script for sex toys

Many conversations were triggered by the arrest of a 34-year-old Lamiotis and his 24-year-old friend – in the center of Lamia – on the site of a 40-year-old Frenchman. According to the woman who was found in the city the previous days, the young Lamiotis confused her, tied her up and locked her up in a room of his apartment where he held the hostage.

However, there are gaps in the event that the police and the judiciary have to complete in order to achieve what has happened.

The complaint, the robbery and the sex toy

According to what the 40-year-old woman has seen with the police, the 34-year-old Lamiotis, who received her last Wednesday from Lianokladios School and brought her to his home, tied it up and locked it in a room opposite the uncovered one.

The same Thursday morning – unknown how – reportedly found a way to communicate with her family members who then informed Interpol and the latter in turn gave a signal to Lamia Security who saw the brand of her mobile phone and rushed into the apartment to make it to be released on Saturday morning.

Upon entering the apartment, the police authorities found insulating tapes, plastic shirts, a scarf, a black collar and sexual aids.

The side of the defendants claims that everything happened in a sex game and that it is possible that the 40-year-old woman "led" the kidnapping and hostage scenario because of an erotic rivalry she had with the 24-year-old who was with the 34-year-old lived. what she reportedly fell in love with. Besides, the two of them were met via Facebook, and in 2016 he had gone to town to visit him.

All of the above must of course still be proven on the basis of the evidence in the hands of the police and the judiciary to clarify what actually happened and whether it was a hostage or a sexually played match. Lamia Security has seized 34-year-old and 24-year-old mobile, computer and other electronic devices, which will be tested by specialists to see if there are video files, what exactly was said in the conversations and what else is there .

The 34-year-old and the 24-year-old asked for a deadline to apologize on Tuesday.

We remind you that the couple was taken to the Lamia Courts on Sunday afternoon. At the man's expense, prosecution was instituted for the seizure and at the expense of a 24-year-old criminal.

"I have not received the file yet and I can not tell you anything essential, but I believe that what the client and the client have done to me will soon reveal some things that will prove that they have not committed these offenses", said their lawyer Dimitris Kroupis.

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