Need SYRIZA and Movement of change to discuss possible cooperation

"Leaders on the initiative of the largest party must have constant contact and talk instead of working together with alien and ideologically remote places," notes the Democratic Compatriot MP and former Minister of Health

The principles and values ​​of the statement of 3 September, with which PASOK was founded, are up-to-date, says Dimitris Kremastinos, Vice-President of the House and the Democratic Councilor.

He adds, however, that due to the economic crisis, it is necessary to think about and reflect on their current content to create a single progressive faction that will address social inequalities and challenges.

Kremastinus, speaking about the AMPE, prefers the need for the leaders of SYRIZA and the Movement of Change to discuss the possibilities for cooperation, and notes that "if SYRIZA as a larger and ruling party really wants the two parties to work together, some ministers and their supervisors stop directing PASOK officials without proof, because it is logical that action triggers a reaction and removes any thought of cooperation between these two political sites. "

Asked about the participation of Marilynz Xenogiannakopoulou in the government, he notes that "it has been proven in the past that party transcriptions have never helped the parties themselves, not even the transcriptors themselves."

The deputy speaker and the former Minister of Health in the PASOK governments believes that the choice of memoranda, rather than bankruptcy, was a patriotic task by the Papandreou government in 2010 and should be supported by all parties.

He also believes that the Movement of Change, according to the way of September 3, can be the backbone of a new progressive faction.

The whole interview of Dimitris Kremmasinos:

– You have spent the progress of PASOK, Mr Kremasten, in his good and bad times. 44 years after the founding, tomorrow completed, what do you think is the historical conclusion?

On 3 September PASOK and, more generally, for the democratic party, defined a framework. In this context, national independence and popular sovereignty, which had shrunk for decades, were linked to tackling social inequality, the pillars. In this sense it is particularly relevant today to celebrate on 3 September for reflection and reconstruction of the center-left as a whole. A celebration that includes people who believe in a single space, stretching from the edges of the renewal of Links to the Centric space.

Are the values ​​and principles expressed in all the years of the Transition or not? Who are they serving today?

Of course not. The 48-percent world that PASOK has supported today is between SYRIZA and the Democratic Compatriation, so it is a general requirement that all these people are together in a common room, with 48 percent votes. This undoubtedly forces the leaders of the two countries to enter into a continuous and honest dialogue.

– Was it the duty of the government of George Papandreou to take responsibility for saving the country by accepting a memorandum in 2010?

It was undoubtedly a patriotic duty with a difference, perhaps a big difference. All parties should be asked to support their efforts, otherwise they would have to ask the Greek people with a referendum or even an election for Kastellorizo. Unfortunately, this road turned out to be a one-way street because both ND and SYRIZA were forced to follow the same path when they came to power, leading to excruciating movements, but each memorandum was worse than the previous one. And of course all this price was paid by the Greek people.

– Do you share the view that PAOK & # 39; s historical cycle was closed and that PASOK is after the memoranda SYRIZA, as stated by its government and party leaders?

To close a historical circle of a historical party, this party must be phylogenetic and extinguish. But at least polite, today PASOK is about 10%, and SYRIZA about 20%, with a tendency to fall for this difference.

Demographic and cumulative these sites are about 30% and ND. That is why the leadership of the two parties must have constant contact and talk at the initiative of the largest party instead of seeking cooperation with other places that are ideologically far away from them.

If SYRIZA, as a larger and ruling party, really wants the two parties to work together, some ministers and their supervisors will stop pointing at PASOK executives without proof, because it is logical that the action elicits reaction and any thought for cooperation between them. removes two of these political sites.

– What does it mean for you to participate in the new government plan of Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou?

It has been proven in the past that party statements have never helped the parties themselves, not even the transcriptors themselves. In fact, they often end up in the opposite of the desired result by waving away and removing other ideological spaces.

– How do you see the future of the progressive faction with a view to the coming elections? Can KINAL be the trunk and under what circumstances?

Certainly, he can follow the method followed by Andreas Papandreou during the reconstruction of PASOK. The election results have shown in the course of time that people do not appreciate the political cooperation aimed at the survival of voters.

On the contrary, it seeks ideological purity with clear dividing lines between the parties so that it can better choose the party it represents. That is why it is now necessary to have a historical proclamation of principles in accordance with the statement of 3 September.

Reconstruction of local organizations across the country and democratic, bottom-up expression of citizens, with elected democratic institutions in the Central Committee and the Political Council. The 212,000 voters who have chosen a leader in the Movement of Change want to immediately and indirectly choose the central organs of the party.

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