New scene of confrontation Kammenos – Kotzias in the aftermath of the referendum POLICY

A new intergovernmental confrontation caused the outcome of the referendum in the GDR.

In the reaction of Panos Kammenos, who hastened to declare the referendum in Skopje void, he indirectly but clearly replied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recall the advisory nature of the current election process.

Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs describes the outcome as contradictory, while emphasizing that "the climate of nationalism and suspicion, daily fake news and extreme fanaticism, unfortunately, do not allow a judicious assessment of the major benefits of the agreement".

In his office, the Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out a few minutes after the announcement of the final percentage of participation: "When I spoke about the failure of the referendum, I was defeated." Now, with this participation under Article 73.74 of their Constitution , they are invalid and 68% of the citizens have canceled the agreement ".

The announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On a very different wavelength was the announcement of Nikos Kotzias, who stated the following:

"Greece is closely following the developments in the country of the girlfriend of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and remains committed to the Prespa agreement.

The result of the referendum in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which advises and is not part of the binding conditions of the Prespa agreement, is contradictory. Great supremacy of "Yes", but without the corresponding participation. A large part of society in the neighboring country supported the agreement. But even much of it has been tackled with skepticism. Greece respects the choices of the citizens of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece is generally of the opinion that the climate of nationalism and suspicion, daily fake news and extreme fanaticism unfortunately do not allow a simple assessment of the great advantages of the agreement and the necessary mutual understanding of the peoples and the development of collaboration prevent them.

The extreme and aggressive nationalism in our region, the irresponsibility for the future of the region, the deterioration of stereotypes of irredentism, while history must be a school, not a prison, give no perspective to the neighbors' society, nor to the region in general.

The need for equal cooperation in the region, the sovereignty of the culture of democratic dialogue, a culture of mediation and fair compromises increase. The objections to the Prespa agreement have proved false and incorrect.

The next steps require austerity on all sides without exception, so that the positive potential of the Prespa agreement can be maintained. "

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