Nurseries: voucher for all children in the areas affected by Attica

According to the Hellenic Association for Local Development and Local Government (EETAA), the request of the board of directors was accepted by the relevant ministries and all children from the four municipalities affected by the catastrophic fire (Marathon, Rafina-Pikermi, Megara and Loutraki). ) gets vousher even if the envelopes are incomplete.

"1686 baby toddlers (A and B distribution) will receive a voucher, while only 96 will be rejected due to insurmountable formal barriers. it is necessary to amend the joint ministerial decision, which will take place in September to include everyone, "said the EETAA statement.

With regard to the financial data of the company, it states that "cin 2018 the process will not be completed, as the second allocation will take place at the end of September. The deployment of the responsible ministries is that this year, just like last year, a voucher will be issued to everyone who will find places in daycare centers. So the extra number of vouchers to be issued in September, with the second allocation process, will be around 30-31,000. "

It is recalled that from the first distribution received a voucher for 93,997 children.

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