Officially, more than 11,000 asylum seekers reside in Lesvos

In total, 615 people from different nationalities went to Lesvos to Lesvos in the weekend from Friday 14 to yesterday, 16 September. Specifically, on Friday, 98 people passed yesterday on Saturday 193 and 324. The large number of arrivals, the largest in recent years and the largest for this year, exceeded the number of asylum seekers in Lesbos of the Agreement between the European Union and Turkey.

More specifically, Monday, according to the official data released in Lesvos, 11,053 asylum seekers live in the wider region of Mytilene. Of these, 8,912 live in the home of Moria for 3,100 people, 1,185 stays in the camp of Kara Tepe and the rest in other smaller buildings.

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