Oinousses – "Take the rope, do not let it go": Shock the man who was saved from the wreck (vid)

Morning Saturday (18/08/2018). A 68-year-old was found dead in Inousses. The boat where he was heading was sunk. His 24-year-old daughter and 58-year-old friend managed to save himself. Fear of his 22-year-old son, whose traces have been lost.

The dramatic moments of the tragedy briefly described the 58-year-old man of the victim and the 22-year-old godfather who is missing, Ioannis Poltatakis.

"The point is that we can not find the child ", he said deeply excited, Ioannis Poltatakis on Sunday evening (19/08/2018) in the Alpha news bulletin.

"I was in the sea for 14 hours"

Mr. Politakis said that 14 hours of fluid in the sea and that he tried to swim in the direction of the weather.

"I fought in the sea for fourteen hours. I tried to swim where the weather would come. And let me see that I'm going to Turkey"He said specifically.

According to what he said again the day she decided to board the boat very good.

The time of the tragedy

"We left at 2 pm and in the afternoon and at 15:25 the boat got water. I get a bangle and I get the first one. As soon as I got off the third bangle, the boat got up with the stern, his bow turned over. Suddenly the machine went out. The boat started to sink"Said Mr. Politakis.

"We kept the boat ramps about 1.5 hours"

"I tried and ran a rope that lay perpendicular to the rails for us to catch, so that we would not be lost. When the boat started to sink, I said, "Take the rope and do not let it go." We held all four. At one point the 22-year-old felt just to let go and try to swim to Oinousses. His sister just saw that John was not behind, he thought it was good to leave this rope too, to get him back"He described.

The 68-year-old and 22-year-old father also left the rope and was caught by a pillow that drove to rest. When the life jacket was squeezed, he called for help with his kite.

"& # 39; Do not leave me behind, do not leave me. Bring me the rope. "He was more than 50 meters away from me, I tried to go by, I saw that it was impossible and that I could not rebuild the rope.".

The 68-year-old was found dead on Saturday morning (18/08).

22-year-old surveys remain to date with the participation of marine and air resources.

His 24-year-old sister is admitted to a hospital outside the hospital.

See the 58-year-old description in the video below

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Source of photos & # 39; s: Alpha

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