Omer Tselik: "Outrageous" the decision of the Greek justice for the Turkish officer POLICY

A new fierce attack on Greek justice was launched by spokesman Omer Chelik of the Justice and Development Party, who spoke about an "embarrassing decision" that protects the eight "coup d'état".

His new attack is a continuation of yesterday's statements about the decision of the Council of State to grant asylum to one of the eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece after the coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016.

In the statements made yesterday by the spokesman of the ruling party in Turkey, Twitter minister Nikolaos Koumoutsakos responded to Twitter, emphasizing that "Mr. Omer Tselik and the Turkish party in general must finally understand that the functioning of the institutions in Greece, fundamental democratic principles follow, and there is no need to poison Greek-Turkish relations with such dishonest reactions. & # 39;

This specific tweet has led to new statements by Chelik, who has made new accusations against the Greek justice system through the social media and even reached the point that questions are being asked about the proper functioning of democratic institutions in Greece.

According to Chelik, "the protection of married couples by judicial decisions is the most outrageous act a country can do," and it is "a much more serious crime against humanity than support from terrorists."

Referring to Mr Koumoutsakos himself, among other things, he called instead to express his sensitivity to Greek-Turkish relations, "to address the position of democratic institutions in Greece", as well as the independence of the judicial system of the country.

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