On Tuesday, August 28, the announcement on the bases for admission to AEI-TEI

On Tuesday, August 28, it is expected that the basis of 2018 will be announced in higher education. The evidence to date indicates a decline in the foundations in the medical, polytechnic and physics mathematical faculties, while it is estimated that pedagogy will have a significant increase.

Rise is expected at the base of 2018 and the sought after faculties of the first field.

Where are the bases going?

According to the latest estimates, it is expected that 2500 lessons will be launched in some departments of the Pedagogical Schools, while according to "News" it is expected that Humanities (1st scientific field) will increase, while in the Positive Schools (2nd scientific field) the decrease will be noticeable.

In detail:

In the 1st scientific field

of Humanistic Studies Legal Psychology is expected to have a small increase this year in the higher departments.

Small steps, however, are no higher than 100 points.

In much-needed schools such as the Legal SME, psychology does not seem to be relocating the bases.

On the other hand, there will be the largest increases in the pedagogical departments, which will amount to more than 2,500 points in many schools. There are fewer schools in this area, but here are the most candidates who claim the Pedagogical Schools.

In the 1st scientific field there are not many TEIs to accept candidates with a few molecules, so we will see a higher percentage of young people than other fields that none of the schools can enter.

In the 2nd scientific field

(Physics and Polytechnics), the decline will be felt in almost all faculties due to the lower performance of the candidates compared to the increase in positions last year and the establishment of the University of Western Attica.

Autumn is expected to be recorded in almost all field segments.

In much-needed schools such as Polytechnics, Physical Mathematics, Agriculture and Informatics, we will see a smaller decrease of up to 300 molecules with a larger decrease in schools for medium and low-demand schools.

In the TEI of the province, the scores in many schools will even be around 8,000 points

In the 3rd scientific field

of the health sciences where they belong and the medical schools make a small decrease in the small and medium-sized fluctuations in the middle.

The Athens Medicine, which traditionally had to score well above 1,900 points, will bring the bar down a bit with the chance of eventually falling below 19,000 points.

In the 4th scientific field

of Economics and Informatics Sciences 2018 is expected at the levels of last year, but schools with high demand will see up to 300 molecules, mainly because of the better performance of candidates in the course Principles of Economic Theory, which is even a lesson of increased gravity .

It is therefore expected that the bases here will not be lower than last year and are expected to increase in many popular universities, mainly in Attica

Finally, Base 2018 at the Military Fire and Police Schools in all Regions will be at the same level as last year.

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