Pavlopoulos: a fundamental duty of respect for man POLICY

"It is not fair for the migrant to pick up a handful of countries, this situation has to change, it is necessary to change," said Councilor of Europe, Turbayern Yagland during his meeting with the president of the Republic of Prokopis Pavlopoulos in the presidential palace.

The CG of the Council of Europe noted that Greece has indeed respected human rights and demonstrated that it concerns immigration, despite the austerity measures that Greek society has taken for years: "You have spent a very short period of time in which you felt strongly the tension and pressure that the citizens of your country have suffered because there were rescue programs, austerity policies were introduced, you are faced with the problem of immigration.In spite of these difficulties, Greece has always shown respect for human rights. respected the relevant European treaty on human rights and this has shown it in practical terms, and in practice he enforced respect, applied rights. "

As far as social rights are concerned, Mr Yagland emphasized that Greece had revised the relevant charter and, among other things, had ratified the Treaty, which no other, richer states have made. "Despite the austerity, despite the burden of austerity, among other things, you reinforce collective complaints," he said.

The President of the Republic once again underlined the leading role of the Council of Europe in the difficult times of today, not only for Europe but also for the whole world, and emphasized the role it has to play in the defense of human rights.

He also argued that, with regard to the refugee issue, we are conducting our daily investigations on respect for human rights, and recalled that it is an honor to be a member of the Council of Europe, but it also has obligations and this must be understood by some of our partners. . "One of them is respect for people and some of our partners must understand that it is not possible to violate human rights in the face of the refugees in such a way and to consider that this can be done without sanctions. and these sanctions must all be illustrated by the fact that we Europeans are here – and not only in Europe but all over the world – to protect man and, through man, our culture. "He added.

Finally, Mr Pavlopoulos noted that, in view of the European elections, we should look at the dangers of the social state of populism and neo-Nazism aimed at disrupting social cohesion and the welfare state by increasing inequalities and strengthening the regulatory competence of the European Social Charter.

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