Police and military are accused of threats Greece

Revelations came from identifying people who were threatened and threatened by internet journalist Stratis Balaska. The reporter, who is also a correspondent of the RES / IEP in Lesvos, has filed a lawsuit because in the last days he has received threatening and insulting messages with extreme right-wing content. 18 people were identified by an order from the Public Prosecutor, many of whom were arrested in the context of an independent activity.

Among them are three policemen and one soldier, as well as followers of Golden Dawn and the so-called "Patriotic Movement". Two of the incumbent police officers were indeed arrested and taken to the public prosecutor to apologize. Nevertheless, the police officers concerned will only conduct an oral administrative investigation, as the spokesperson of the EL.AS headquarters has stated in the "K".

It is worth noting that the action of this group, especially in the direction of the terror of journalists and citizens, with threatening and violent interventions on the Internet has long been the subject of complaints and lawsuits. In May, a petition was filed by the Department of North Aegean of the Union of Journalists of the Peloponnese, Epirus and Islands (ESHEPIN), along with a file of information, but the preliminary investigation has not yet begun.

With a new announcement, the Board of Directors. of ESHEPIN emphasizes that "he was aware of the new extremities of anti-democratic elements in Mytilini that were aimed at freedom of expression by directing journalists who have the right to inform citizens unhindered" and invites the prosecutors with indignation and anger out to be in the height of the conditions & # 39 ;.

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