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Preveza is celebrating her sardine! The small town, with its insular character, remains a tradition of more than 40 years and prepares itself to celebrate in the harbor on Sunday evening, August 26, the famous sardine of Amvrakikos, which is the identity in its fish market.

The charcoal glows early and the intense scent of roasted sardines covers the center of the city and invites locals and foreigners to taste the most characteristic product of the Gulf of Amvrakikos. Roasted sardines accompanied by Preveza tomato and lots of wine, while the party does not miss the Epirus clarinet and traditional dances with the participation of dance clubs from Serifos, Chalastra from Delta Municipality and the Cultural Association of Igoumenitsa.

Together with the Sardine Festival today, Preveza "Krona Epirus", opens the gates of the three-day exhibition of local products from Epirot, which was organized for the third consecutive year by the region, in collaboration with the Chamber. The event is aimed at promoting agricultural products produced by local producers in Epirus.

The great cultural weekend in the region completes the "White Night" on Saturday night. The historic center will live in festive rhythms. The show gives dance and other happenings in every corner of the city, while the stores remain open until late, with great offers for those who want to make their last summer shopping.

The "Sardine Festival" has been the largest popular festival in northwestern Greece for many years, attracts thousands of visitors and emphasizes the unbroken connections of the local population with the sea and fishing.

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