Prisoners made a fashion show with their creations

  Kozani: Prisoners made a fashion show with their creations

On the central square of Kozani hundreds of citizens gathered around the platform, square. From the speakers, the organizers inform that it starts a separate fashion show with women's, men's and children's clothing. Of course, the moment is when everyone applauds with warmth, when the evening's presenter reports that all the clothes presented at this evening's show are the creations of 12 prisoners of the correctional shop in Felli Grevena.

Antonis Daskalopoulos, one of the co-makers of the event and attending this original evening, makes sure to emphasize that among the assembled relatives and spouses of the prisoners are with their children who have come to the creations of their to admire fathers.

The lights are low and the models begin to make their passages on the stage. They are girls, boys and dancers from the cultural clubs in the city, who responded without the help of the trainer and specialist in sewing affairs Anastasia Poulatsoglou to use when they asked their help to emphasize the creations of her prisoners.

[19659004] One hundred and forty pieces, women's and men's outfits, evening dresses for more formal moments and children's costumes are some of the creations prepared by prison guards and presented in a fashion show

The director of the sewing training program in Grevena Prison Anastasia Poulatsoglou said she was excited about the presence of the world and the warm welcome she had reserved for this very special event, as well as the massive participation of young children, boys and girls from the city of Kozani, who were volunteer week and participated in the creation of this event.

On the square of the square there were bases with constructions and creations of the prisoners where the income of

In the prisons of Grevena exploits a modern and modern cutting and sewing workshop with 20 machines created within the framework of the European program for the reform of the Greek legal system that led the Ministry of Justice, with the help and support of experts from the Austrian government. The program will be completed in the next few days and, as stated by the Deputy Regional Chief Executive Officer Antonis Daskalopoulos, we will continue to pursue this initiative through consultation with the Ministry of Justice.
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