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Serious problems caused severe weather in many parts of the country. The weather deteriorated sharply and there were landslides, power outages, flooding and tree drops.

Lamia caused problems due to heavy rainfall as a result of heavy rainfall. The fire brigade received dozens of calls for water pumps and for cut trees, while the streets had been transformed into rivers.

Slope and power outage in Naoussa and Pella

The bad weather flooded the houses, the shops and the streets in Naoussa. The fire brigade received 30 calls to pump water and two people were transported from a vehicle to a safe place.

At the same time, traffic at the exit of the Naoussa road was interrupted by a fall of rocks. Bulldozers went to the point to remove the rocks and to take the road again. The traffic has finally been restored.

From the heavy rain a small lake was created in the stadium of the city, and the traffic has necessarily interrupted the traffic. Power outages took place in Pella.

Strong storms in Trikala

Strong storms hit Trikala. The phenomena were particularly pronounced in the villages at the roots of Koziakas (Prodromos, Gorgogyri etc.), While windy winds blew.

Haze in Attica

A violent storm and hail hit many areas of Attica. The phenomena were particularly pronounced in Kantza and Malakasa. According to the testimonies of residents, the rain was catastrophic, while the movement of the vehicles was difficult. A little hail hit the area of ​​Pallini just after 2 p.m. & noon in the afternoon.

"The air was opened" in Argolida

In the afternoon of August 27, 2018 the rains of Lygourio in Argolida and the wide part of the municipality of Epidaurus were intense. Strong was the storm that hit the city of Argolida and the streets turned into rivers.

The visibility was almost zero and the drivers forced their car to stop until the bourine passed.

On the field of the city, the storm found the local team of Aristotle Lygouriou in the training and the players ran to the locker room to cover them. No damage to houses and shops has been reported.

"Patras" has sunk!

At the same time there was heavy rain in Patras with lightning and lightning. The Dymaion coast near Papaflessas was transformed into a lake, along with other roads in the city from one end to the other.

There was a fall of a tree in Patras-Pyrgos near Patriania, while flooding occurred in Saravali. Many problems also in Ano Ovarya.

Warehouses filled water and the fire brigade started pumping them.

Lush hail in Konitsa!

Strong winds, rain showers, thunderstorms and hailstorms hit the mountainous regions of Epirus in the afternoon, with the phenomenon intensifying in Konitsa and Zagori without causing serious damage and problems.

The hail fell so intense that in just a few minutes he turned the alleys into rivers and "blew" the yards of the houses!

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