Rafina Pikermi News – Rafina: extraterrestrial capture for theft

In the discovery and capture of a 40-year-old alien, executives of the Rafina Central Port Authority conducted the theft today.

In particular, the Rafin Coast Port Authority was informed early in the morning by Mykonos police about the theft that took place in a jewelery store in Mykonos and that the perpetrator was probably aboard a ship to Rafina.

On the arrival of the ship "THEOLOGOS P" executives of the Security Office and of the special missions of the Central Port Authority of Rafina have carried out an inspection within the ship, where they have identified the aforementioned perpetrator within IHE. while the vehicle was in possession of the following:

1) Seventy-five (75) bracelets, in a leather case with a cylindrical shape placed above the driver's seat,

2) there were forty (40) glass bottles of alcoholic beverages in the luggage compartment of the vehicle,

3) a (01) leather black bag,

4) one (01) pair of female footwear,

5) nine (9) metal keys of different types of house or shop,

6) two (02) multifunctional metal tools,

7) two (02) metal blades with a length of 3.5 centimeters each,

8) a (01) black portfolio with personal documents – maps of various types,

9) the sum of four hundred and fifty (450) euros and

10) a (01) mobile telephone.

The above mentioned objects of the Central Port Authority of Rafina were seized, as was the IHF. vehicle, while it was determined that the 40-year-old stranger controls the vehicle without having the legal driving license.
The 40-year-old is delivered to the police of Mykonos, accompanied by officers from the port authority of Rafina.


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