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New Turkish reaction comes on the case of granting asylum to one of the eight Turkish officers following a decision by the Council of State to reject the request of the Minister of Immigration Policy for the annulment of the asylum granted to him.

Anchor for asylum to Turkish officer: Greece participates in our enemies

Shortly after the … whispering tweet from AKP spokesman Omer Chelik, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sacked marmots as a scandal of the Council of State.

In a statement, he stressed that the CoE's decision was in conflict with Greece's international obligations to combat terrorism, while also contravening the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Refugees.

According to the announcement, Turkish pilot Sulejman Ozainakci is "a member of the provisional coup attempt of 15 July".

In detail, the announcement:

"The Greek Council of State again took a scandalous decision and rejected the Greek government's objection to the decision to grant asylum to Suleiman Ozawayatchi, one of the culprits of the attempted coup d'état of 15 July.

This decision not only violates Greece's international obligations to combat terrorism, but also violates the provisions of the Geneva Convention of 1951 relating to the status of refugees.

By rejecting the version of the eight military, Greece has paved the way for such decisions that offend the conscience of the Turkish nation.

The Greek authorities should no longer allow their country to provide a safe haven for couples who use their judicial authorities as an excuse, even violating Greece's international obligations by making unlawful decisions. "

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