Revelation for the deadly fire in Mati: Ignore the warning brigade at the bottleneck

Because the persecution for the responsibilities of the most extreme tragedy in Eastern Attica is ongoing, there is another revelation about the critical hours at the outbreak of fire in Mati

The newspaper "Real News" reports in a recent paper that a coordinator who flew over the starting point of the fire had already informed the business center at 17.45 that the fire front was approaching Neo Voutzas and had a steady downward trend towards the Avenue Marathon.

According to the information, the coordinator is a brigadier with extensive experience in forest fires and long-term service in the unit for special disaster response

The report reports that the brigadier has been flown to the helicopter of the fire brigade and the ground troops on the front of the fire at Kineta has coordinated

The brigadier general has been reportedly warned, but a document reveals that executives believed the fire would move in the opposite direction from Kallitechnoupolis to Dionis

In particular, based on data available to prosecutors , the commander was instructed by the captain at that time to go to the area of ​​Daou Pentelis at 17:15 to check the data from the air

The helicopter arrived at 5.40 pm when the fire had passed the Lund Foundation and the first isolated houses of Neu Vujza approached

According to the newspaper, the coordinator bin five minutes the Business Center about the image he had and warned that the front steadily evolved towards the settlement and how it descended to Marathon Avenue

During the 25-minute flight, the Brigadier's reviews remained how the fiery front evolved alike

Real News notes that at the same time a document was sent from the fire department in Halandri, which shows that there is still a totally wrong picture of the situation there

. by the director of the police and signed by the brigadier general, was asked to send heavy machines for the creation of fire zones at various points and the direction of the fire front from Kallitechnoupolis to Dionis was reported. ]

All this happened as the fiery front grew and was on its way to Marathon Avenue, while it was noted that according to the traffic report the fire went over the avenue and Mati started to burn at 18.25

Information from Journal Realnews

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