Serious episodes in Volos at the liquidation meeting DEYAMB (vid) | Plus: society

"Securities" tried to protect the president of the city council, while citizens demanded that the "inflatables of the sports halls and nightgowns of the night" be immediately removed.

In the City Hall and in the City Hall, strong forces from the MATs were created to calm the situation.

The meeting was suspended and will be continued tomorrow at 9.00 am

From the beginning, the situation was particularly tense, because the main problem was to decide on the dissolution and liquidation of DEYAMB "to save itself from bankruptcy" as a result of past debt.

As mayor Achilles Beos said: "we are not against the workers, but there is a lot of injustice when the world is hungry and unemployed, a large number of DEYAMB employees take net more than 2,000 euros a month." There must be a class. need to know the truth about why we need to bring DEYAMB into liquidation. "



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