Shocked by the mother of Paul Fussa in the night of the murder: I tried to warm him up to come

Magda Gossa is agitated in an interview on the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the murder of her son, Paul.

In realfm and the "Hellenoprene" program he said: "I want to see the murderers being punished, but that does not cover us, our child wants, we do not care anymore, can our child bring us back, even if there is a death penalty and they would be executed, it would not satisfy us again. "

"For us, the decision of the court will not be justified, in a murder, the word" law "that can fit in. It would justify me if they brought back Paul, I do not think we'll ever find justice, nothing covers me. if they tell me that we go to the constitution and do it, it's very little for the damage I've done, "he said.

He added: "In the beginning there was no hatred because I had no room to sit down to think about the guilty, I had to try to learn to live without Paul, even now he's eating time." But hatred arose, was something I was afraid of from the beginning, but as time goes by it does not diminish at all. "

Asked whether he would speak to George Roupakia, what would he say to him, he replied: "What have I said to him? Allow him to warm up, pieces that I would do with him, a paid murderer. Whatever you tell me will redeem me? & # 39;

"Whenever they came to court, they were always provocative, I eat my meat there, you see on their faces that there is no trace of repentance, that's what makes you crazy," she added over the Golden Dawn. .

Referring to the night of the murder, he said that Paul was already dead when he went to the hospital to see him. "I tried to warm it up and do nothing, I thought if I warmed it, but not," he remarked.

Referring to the video submitted in the past few days by civil court proceedings, he blamed police officers who were close to the point of murder but did not act.

"His absence is the most psychedelic of all this," she said, asking her what she was missing from her son, she replied that "I miss the mother most.

"Those who vote for the CSE are no longer justified, they are co-responsible," he said.

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