Shockwave: the moment when Philopappou bandits attack tourists

Shocks are caused by the revelations about the three foreigners arrested for the crime in Philopappou who shook Panhellicum and at the same time raised questions about the lack of police action in an area where such crime was rampant.

as the free press of Sunday reveals in a report by Panagiotis Spyropoulos, the three perpetrators who attacked Nicholas Moustakas and put him to death five days ago, attacked two German tourists, exactly in the same place and in exactly the same way.

The two Pakistanis and the Iraqis approached the two girls sitting on the edge of the cliff enjoying the view, dragging them a little further and within 2 meters of the edge of the cliff, a great battle unfolded between a German and two foreign robbers.

The other German woman missed her because she did not have a bag. She had all her stuff in her friend's bag. So the aliens have not even acted with her. The girl with the bag, however, fell wildly and tried to squeeze her bag.

The 17-year-old arrested was the one who tried to pull her bag from her hands. It even seems that the child, in all robberies of the type that the gang of aliens had done, had a … specialty in loosening bags from women.

The 25-year-old Iraqi held the girl's hands as 28-year-old Pakistani came over to observe the space and almost assume the debts of a tsiliador.

The second tourist, as long as her friend fought to save her bag, grabbed her camera and began photographing the aliens with the aim of fearing and leaving.

After a while, the gang managed to pull out the tourist bag and disappear while the two girls went directly to AT Acropolis to testify. There they also deposited the photo's of the foreigners they had taken.

These photos were used to identify the perpetrators of the murder of Nicolas Moustakas. Policemen showed her 25-year-old friend in Portugal and they recognized the perpetrators unconditionally. Indeed, one of them, the 28-year-old, wore the same shirt he wore in the attack on Nicolas Moustakas.

It should be noted that, as revealed, the gang of three foreigners is behind at least 10 robbery attacks in the same area and in the same way as in the crime of the deputy judge.

It should be noted that all three perpetrators were labeled, both for theft and one for illegal entry into the country. The 17-year-old had indeed been arrested and released with the limiting condition to appear in the Omonia OT once a week, although he was an unfamiliar dwelling. Revealing revelations, when crime fades and whole regions are turned into avenues, or covered with a veil of fear in the eyes of citizens.

Source: free press

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