Skopelos: Blackout in the middle – No current from the dawn – Great damage to the network!

28.08.2018 | 09:55

Newsit Newsroom

Skopelos has no current due to the intense weather phenomena that have occurred on the island since yesterday. Workshops give battle in time …

A serious power problem is facing the country Skopelos because of the intense weather phenomena that took place yesterday on the island.

The damage to the network was caused today at 4 am at sunrise, while the teams of the DEDDIE are trying to tackle the problem. Locals and tourists are waiting for the power to come back with the shopkeepers struggling with their products.

Relief in Hydra

The rehabilitation of Hydra was after 32 hours, when the island was left without electricity and water (because the desalination plant did not have a generator), with residents, shopkeepers and tourists forced to live and work in adverse conditions, causing the secretary-general of the civil protection had to declare the island in need.

"PPCDE announces that after the partial recovery of Hydra electricity this morning at 11.00 am the electricity supply at 3.10 pm was completely restored on the entire island", said the manager.

It should be noted that "the PPCD & # 39; s repaired a malfunction in the medium voltage network on the land connection of the island and the backbone of the Hydra network with the mainland and the main submarine cable came into use.

For security reasons, until the completion of all operations and the main interconnection, the island remains simultaneously 3 MW power generation units, which guarantee the energy autonomy of Hydra and its uninterrupted power supply. DEEPE apologizes again for the inconvenience of residents and visitors to the island. & # 39;


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