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Panos Kammenos and Katerina Papakosta, who were removed from the New Democracy, will have a meeting today.

In particular, according to information from ANEL, the President of ANEL and the National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos will meet today at noon with the independent member of the Athens Parliament and head of the NEO. Katerina Papakosta, at ANEL's office in parliament.

It should be noted that Katerina Papakosta has been removed from the parliamentary group New Democracy. The president of the ND closed when he left sharp points against Adonis Georgiadis in the inconsistencies of the deputy head of the ND with the Minister of Defense, but also because of his initial intention to accept Mr Kamenou's invitation to address issues in the ministry and the legislative committee to deal with disability and widows' pensions.

The parliamentarian of the New Democracy, when removed from her party, issued a clarifying statement that denied what she had received earlier in the House. "As far as my participation in the parliamentary committees is concerned, I take part in the meeting where I was appointed by the secretary of the New Democracy Group, and in this case not by the Minister of Defense, Mr Panos Kammenos," said the MP in her written statement.

With regard to the Georgiadis-Kammenos question, Mrs Papakosta praised her point of view, talking about a plethora of personal reproaches from many sections of Parliament, and pointed out that this is a position that she firmly supports from the first moment she was elected. .

Despite her clarification, Ms Papakostas was omitted in October by a letter from Mitsotakis to the landlord Nikos Voutsis, who said: "The president of the new democracy, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a letter, was sent today to the President of the House of Representatives. , Nikos Voutsis, sent on Thursday, October 26, and announced that he is representing the deputy of the Second Republic of Cyprus, Ms. Aikaterini Papakosta – Sidiropoulou, from the New Democracy Group of the Parliament.

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