Sunshine with local clouds on Monday Greece

Monday, August 20, Central Macedonia is expected to have local clouds and sporadic showers in the morning. Local clouds, with sporadic downpours on the western slopes, will develop again around noon.

In the Ionian, Epirus, Western Sterea, Western Macedonia and Thessalian clouds will go from noon and from the west to the east, and there will be local rains and sporadic storms mainly in Epirus and Western Macedonia [19659002] The rest of the country is expected to have sunshine, with only local clouds on the continents and Crete

The temperature on the northern continents will fluctuate from 22 to 35, with e in the middle of 22 to 36, in the south from 24 to 36, on the Ionian Islands from 24 to 34, in the Aegean islands from 24 to 36, and on Crete from 21 to 31.

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The winds in the North Aegean blow from northern addresses 4 to 6 and local 7 beauty. In the Middle and Southwest Aegean the wind from northern addresses blows 4 to 6 and local 7 beautiful, but in the morning hours they arrive temporarily and 8 Beaufort. In the rest of the South Aegean the west and north west blows 4 to 6 and local 7 beauty. In Ionian, the winds of changing directions will blow from 2 to 4 and 5 local beautiful.

Attica is expected to be sunny. The wind blows from north 4 to 6 and east to 7 Beaufort. The temperature in the center of Athens varies from 26 to 31 degrees

In Thessaloniki local clouds are expected in the early hours of the day and after noon. The wind is blowing from changing direction to 3 beautiful, but & # 39; s in the afternoon and & # 39; In the afternoon they become southwest 2 to 4 and locally 5 beautiful. The temperature in the center of the city will vary from 27 to 32.


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