SYRIZA: The statements of L. Grigorakos overcome any limit of vulgarity POLICY

"The new declarations of Democratic Compatriot MP Grigorakos for the Minister of Shipping P. Kouroupli exceed any limit of slack," said SYRIZA in a statement from the press service of the party, and stressed that "they offend people with disabilities who giving your own battles "within society. "

As noted in the announcement: "DISY MP after his statements in Skay on 19/08 echoed the same racist words yesterday at Real FM, linking" excellence "(!) With the fact that the minister was blind and could not do his job to perform during the accident on the Saronic Gulf.

The dangerous statements of Mr. Grigorakos are an insult to people with disabilities who take up their daily struggles for society and do not tolerate anyone considering them as second-class citizens. They attack all democratic, liberal and progressive citizens and all those who fight for a society of equality and rights. "

In addition, SYRIZA's statement "unreasonably exposes Mrs. Gennimata who has not yet condemned these statements despite yesterday's announcement by the National Federation of Blind, and we expect to do so immediately."

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