The Attica region calls for Hydra to be declared in case of emergency

The District Governor took this decision on a request for urgency to the Secretary-General for Civil Protection, according to the general plan of Xenocracy, joint ministerial decree 1299/2003 (Government Gazette B 423), because the disaster is the result of a technological event whose effects have a direct effect on the vital assets of all citizens, such as water, electricity and communication, and the municipality can not do this on its own.

According to the "Voice of Hydra" at 3 o'clock in the morning there was a blackout on the island and by noon the problems had not been repaired.

The article reports that the problem is general and is reportedly the result of damage that has occurred in the Thermi Thessalonikis region.

On the occasion of the total interruption of electricity in Hydra, which took place today around Sunday, July 26, 2018, around 5.30 am, DEFPA clarifies that it will continue its efforts to re-elect the island as soon as possible.

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