The case of Floros "touches" Mitsotakis

Our story goes back many years. Greece is at the forefront of the first memorandum. The crisis has shown her teeth forever. It is December 2011. An international economic agent, known in Greek business circles, Alan Kable, from the bosses of ILS Fiduciaries, buys Hellas Power and Energa on behalf of an unknown Russian entrepreneur who is based or simply circulated in St. Petersburg.

The acquisition takes place through an offshore company set up in Ras Al Khaimah, a tax haven in the Persian Gulf and the Arab Emirates where everything is permitted. Or rather, nothing is forbidden. Unsecured, no requirement to deposit balance sheets. Extremely low to non-existent loads. A clarification. ILS Fiducaries has specialized since 1973 in advising tax optimization. This is an extremely politically correct interpretation of tax evasion. For this reason, the company has many customers in Greece. Usually shipowners.

The bosses of the redeemed Greek companies are the famous Aristides Floros until a few days ago in prison after having been convicted of the "Energa" scandal and Vassilios Milionis who was also imprisoned. Both were accused of obscuring tens of millions.

Aristides Floros, who recently used the headlines because of the highly controversial reason for his release (Friday afternoon, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court, Charalampos Vourliotis, requested an appeal to appeal against the release of Floros while the officer of Justice Chalkis had appealed against the same bill), the period in question we are discussing in 2011, has assigned his case to a lawyer. The name of the lawyer is Grigoris Dimitriadis.

The name of the lawyer is an important element in itself. The reason is simple. In the course of the judicial investigation, the man who opened the company at sea in the Emirates' tax haven, through which the money was bought and traded, and who acts as the beneficiary, precisely the lawyer Grigoris Dimitriadis. Forced to testify in the Greek justice, the lawyer Dimitriadis receives a special license from the Bar Association and submits it.

The lawyer Grigoris Dimitriadis

What exactly is it? We read in "Kathimerini on 18/11/2012" One of the lawyers of the latter, Mr. Grigoris Dimitriadis, remembers things somewhat differently, as evidenced by a statement he gave the researcher, after permission from the Bar Association. . The lawyer testified that he had received a mandate from the co-defendant and employee of Floros, the SS, to take a series of actions to establish the company located in Ras El Khaimah. Floros denies the merits of the Demetriades deposit, which is reinforced by the fact that the man who suggested his creation in Dubai, after the sale of the companies, commits to lead them. It is the period when "Greek accounts leave huge sums for Switzerland and Hong Kong", along with another trusted person from Florus, who takes over Energa, who is also looted without paying his obligations to third parties. "

This is the publication signed by colleague Tasos Telfoulos entitled "The Russian and Other" Mysteries or "Energa" and "Hellas Power".

Grigoris Dimitriadis is the ear & eye & # 39; of the president of the New Democracy in his party, his absolute confidence and the man who, together with Thanasis Nezi, set up the presidential mechanism and prepared the ND notes The story would end there if the lawyer in question was just another legal advisor, like many of his colleagues who are mixed with & # 39; bran & # 39; (& # 39; tax optimization & # 39; for example) or the creation of offshore companies, where they are also beneficiaries or managers. Only that Grigoris Dimitriadis is more. It is "the ear and the eye" of the president of the New Democracy in the party, his absolute confidence and the man who set up the presidential mechanism with Thanasis Neizis and prepared the ND votes for the coming elections. The reason is simple. Grigoris Dimitriadis is the cousin of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the son of the sister of Katerina.

We read in TheToc on September 11, 2017: "A lawyer in the profession, Gregory Dimitriadis, works quietly and systematically, moves in the background and is the ears and eyes of the ND president, headquartered at Efroniou street. in Pagrati, where the political office of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is located, but that does not mean that no one is at the headquarters of the party, especially Messinian Thanassis Nezi, who is described as the "man of special missions." He was in fact Kyriakos Mitsotakis , the commander of the party, in the domestic elections for the leadership of the New Democracy and for whom he respects the "blue" components, because he knows how to keep the balance right.

Both parade the country, are informed by the heads of local organizations, they see CVs in the register of executives who have been created and constantly meet people who want to enter the political arena, or even old politicians who wish to exercise their fortune . By the way, the extension order that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has taken from the first moment is now a personal bet. They communicate directly with the president of the new democracy and inform him both about issues that have to do with voting and about what happens. "

The case refers to the wondrous world of offshore paradises and to the occasional Panama Papers, who so often and tormented return to progress and public debates in the House and political officesA strange journey. From the legal office of the protagonist of one of the major scandals of the Metropolitan, Aristides Floros. When founder and beneficiary (manager) of an offshore company at the forefront of smuggling money, I got the injustice. Subsequently, at the office of the President of the New Democracy, with the role of the party's renewal of the main opposition. Of course everything seems literally legitimate. Or better legal.

But it is neither clear nor reassuring. The case refers to the wonderful world of offshore paradises and to the occasional Panama Papers, who so often and tormented return to progress and public debates in the House and political offices. They usually refer to the familiar verse: "everything is changing, everything is alive".

Maxxim & # 39; s announcement

In a statement Maximikos asks the New Democracy questions regarding the relationship between the cousin of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and a member of the relevant New Democracy group, Gregory Dimitriadis, in the case of Energa and the protagonist Aristides Floros.

The Maxxim announcement is as follows:

"The question that arises is, how far does the relationship with the Energa case go, did Mr. Mitsotakis try to disorientate the debate and to re-accuse the government of the Paraskevopoulos law?"

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